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Interview with Pinja – an Intern at Edunation

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Pinja is a business student from Finland and is currently doing her 5-month long internship at Edunation. She is studying at Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

Why did you choose to study in Finland instead of going abroad?

Pinja holding a brochure outside
Pinja holding an Edunation brochure

“I think that the education system in Finland is really great and I wanted to take advantage of it. The study offerings were versatile but I knew I wanted to study business and in Tampere.

During my studies, I had the opportunity to do an exchange abroad. During my semester abroad I didn’t fall behind on my studies because the courses were included in my curriculum. So while doing my degree in Finland, I also had the international experience.”

Why did you choose to do an internship at Edunation?

“Because I’m studying in a university of applied sciences we have a mandatory 5-month internship as part of the studies. I wanted to do my internship for a local Finnish company but with an international twist. I also did my exchange abroad and I wanted to maintain my English language skills after returning to Finland. Edunation was a great option for that!

A person using a laptop
Working at Edunation Tampere office

What have you learned during your internship?

“I have learned so much already. I have learned to use different CRM systems and other useful platforms. I have done search engine optimization, marketing, customer service, data analysis and I have learned to see the worth of my own work. This is my first job from my own study field and this internship is preparing me for work-life in the future.

I still have about two months of my internship left and I cannot wait what else I get to do and learn.”

Tips for international students coming to study and live in Finland

Get to know the local language

“Even though you can manage well in Finland with only English, I would suggest you learn the language at least a bit beforehand. It’s easier to adjust to a new environment when you know the essential vocabulary.”

Don’t stress

“I know that sometimes this might be hard but seriously don’t stress too much. Everything will work out eventually and you are not alone.”

Step out of your comfort zone

“Try to get to know people beforehand also and be active. Once you arrive in Finland, be brave and talk to people. Get to know your classmates and also don’t be shy about using Finnish, that’s how you learn.”


“Last but not least, remember to enjoy!” “This experience is going to be for sure one of the greatest you’ve had, so take it all in!”

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