Interview with Trisha – nursing student in Metropolia

Trisha is a Filipino student at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences studying nursing. She started her studies in September 2020 remotely from the Philippines and arrived in Finland in April 2021.

Picture of Trisha in park

Could you tell a little bit about yourself?

I graduated in 2019 and after graduation, it was hard to find a job because of the pandemic so I decided to study more and pursue my educational career. Already as a child I wanted to become a nurse and my family is working in the medical field as well, so it felt natural to choose this career.

Why did you choose Finland as your study destination?

I have an uncle who works in Finland in the medical field and who has told me about Finland and what opportunities I could have here.

What do you think about Finland?

I have been here only for few months, but I really enjoy the weather and the fresh air. This is my first time abroad and it is very exciting for me. I was lucky to see snow when I arrived. That was my first time experiencing that and it was amazing.  I enjoy the different seasons and it has been nice to discover that people are easy to approach, and they are willing to help you if you need guidance.

Trisha in winter scene

How do you like your studies in Metropolia?

Metropolia is a great school offering lot of learning by doing kind of studying. You also develop yourself as an individual learner and you learn a lot about yourself. In the Philippines, the time limit for your studies is much stricter than in Finland where each student has their own, individual study plan and you don’t feel pressured.

Studying remotely from the Philippines was quite challenging in the beginning as I needed to learn to use new platforms and I wasn’t used to studying remotely.

Is there a lot of practical training involved in your studies?

Yes, I haven’t had the chance to do practical studies yet because of Covid-19 and remote studies but will start doing them step by step without missing anything. I’ve had a chance to see my uncle working with elderly people here in Finland which has taught me a lot and I want to help elderly people in the future, so they wouldn’t feel so much alone.

Have you studied Finnish yet? Is it hard?

Yes, it’s quite hard. For me telling the time and forming a sentence is hard. One letter can change the whole word which means you need to be really precise. I’m taking another Finnish language course during the summer which will be fun and improve my Finnish.

How is the adjusting to Finland going?

I have been lucky to have my uncle to help me to adjust to Finland. It’s a lot of work, in the beginning, to open a bank account, get a new sim card, and learn your way around in the new city and country. Also, if you need to buy furniture and other things in your home it takes time, money, and effort. In school, my classmate showed me the school facilities and helped me to find the needed services from which I’m very happy. I want to visit a lot of places in Finland and I’m planning to do it one place at a time along with studying.  

Trisha sightseeing Finland

What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation, I want to stay in Finland and create a stepping stone for myself. Here I can learn how to be more independent and earn my own living. I also want to help my family in the Philippines.

Do you have any tips for future students?

  • Ask for guidance so you don’t need to figure everything out by yourself. You can contact me and I’m happy to help.  
  • Learn Finnish, in advance if possible so adjusting would be easier.
  • Take a package deal that includes airport pick-up, picking up the keys for your accommodation, showing you around the city, and helping you through the first days and get you settled.
  • Exchange currency before coming to Finland. When I arrived money exchangers were closed due to the pandemic.
  • Bring warm clothes and winter clothes. For me, the weather is really different as I come from a tropical climate zone. Temperatures are different and it can be cold even during the summer months.

Thank you lovely Trisha for sharing your journey in Finland!

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