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Journey to Success – Graduating with a Bachelor of Health Care in Nursing in Finland 

On May 26, 2023, a truly remarkable day was celebrated by Edunation and 53 Filipino students who achieved their Bachelor’s Degree in Health Care in Nursing from two prestigious Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences: Tampere UAS (TAMK) and Metropolia UAS. This day marked a momentous milestone in their journey in Finland, representing 1.5 years of unwavering dedication, perseverance, and a commitment to knowledge and service.

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These graduates, already registered nurses in the Philippines and with years of experience, chose to further their education in Finland. They mastered Finnish healthcare education during their top-up studies and learned the latest technologies and methods. They could integrate into Finnish society and the healthcare sector through practical training, building connections, and strengthening their Finnish language skills. After graduation, many of these students will continue working directly with Finland’s healthcare providers.

The contributions these graduates will make to the healthcare industry cannot be overstated. Their extensive experience and compassion make them well-prepared to provide holistic care, advocate for patients, and contribute to healthcare innovation. Nursing demands compassion, empathy, and a genuine desire to make a difference in the world, and these graduates possess all these qualities.

Graduation day!

The graduation day at Metropolia was exceptional, filled with beautiful music performances, a rose ceremony, and touching speeches. One of Edunation’s remarkable students, Denniell Estacio, delivered a heartfelt speech emphasizing the challenges faced by the students during their 1.5 years of top-up studies. Leaving loved ones behind in their home country and adapting to a new culture was not always easy. However, the strong bonds formed between students, teachers, and staff members made the journey worthwhile. The graduates remain hopeful and believe Finland can offer a better future for them and their families, with a safe environment and an outstanding work-life balance.

The graduation festivities at TAMK also had a joyous and warm atmosphere. The “Nursing 22”-group proceeded to their ceremony after being present at the general opening of the graduation day at TAMK. Their ceremony was memorable and emotional, as some students had the privilege of having family and loved ones present to share their remarkable achievements. Representing the TAMK nursing graduates, Myer Vladimir Noble gave a speech expressing gratitude to the staff, tutor teachers, and fellow graduates. The delight was at its highest when graduates finally received their official certificates, and Edunation granted scholarships in accordance to two graduates for their academic success.

Edunation extends its heartfelt congratulations to these graduates. Finland is indeed fortunate to have such dedicated professionals who can contribute to addressing the labor shortage in the healthcare sector while also imparting their expertise, passion, and positive attitude to life. We wish these graduates abundant joy, personal fulfillment, and continuous growth throughout their careers.

In conclusion, as we celebrate the achievements of these 53 Filipino students, let us acknowledge the significant impact they will have on the healthcare industry in Finland. Their determination, resilience, and commitment to providing quality care serve as an inspiration to all. May their journeys be filled with success, happiness, and the knowledge that they are making a profound difference in the lives of those they serve.

Congratulations again to the Bachelor’s Degree in Health Care in Nursing program graduates!

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This blog was written by Partnership Specialist Errika and Customer Success Specialist Vili.

Both are incredibly passionate about assisting international students to have a life-changing experience in the happiest country in the world, Finland!

Table of Contents