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Work in Finland for a better future for Kenyan people and Finnish society

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Since 2020, many Kenyan youths have arrived in Finland for study and work opportunities. Aside from being a plan, the Kenyan government fully supports this choice of its citizens.

There is a great need for international talent in Finland, and Kenya has the fill for that need. The age of the population is the opposite in these two countries. Thus, the two education service providers – Edunation and SuInCo – have officially signed up to find solutions for two significant challenges:

– How to solve the talent shortage problem Finland is facing.

– How to arrange careers for motivated Kenyan people without proper jobs.

Edunation is a company working with Finnish education providers opening doors for international talent to access our high-quality education and further continue into working life.

On the other hand, SuInCo is a Kenyan-based company working closely with high-level decision-makers and ambitious talents in Kenya. Together Edunation and SuInCo are the pioneering bridge builders for a better future for individuals and societies.

Edunation’s CEO Tuomas Kauppinen and CSO Harri Suominen with students from Kenya

Stronger, together to help Kenyan students!

Harri Suominen, the Vice-President of Edunation, and Eunice Sugut, the CEO of SuInCo, met at Helsinki-Vantaa airport in Finland before one of their trips abroad. The two shared their thoughts about the hot topics mentioned above and how working with Finnish universities, vocational colleges, and the employer sector can bring significant benefits for all parties involved.

Harri lives in Finland and travels the world. He is an Edupreneur passionate about student mobility and improving our world through internationalization.

On the other hand, Eunice is Kenyan but has lived in Finland for over a decade. She has helped Kenyans to Finland already several years and has a vast understanding of the needs in Kenya.

There are lots of talented people in Kenya. The only thing they are lacking is opportunities

Eunice Sugut, CEO of SuInco

Our collaboration with Edunation opens many opportunities, and they must be grabbed as much as possible now. It is not only the healthcare sector that allows coming to Finland. There is a need for workers in fields such as hospitality, cleaning, ICT, engineering, and much more.” Eunice added.

Girl Power! Partnership Specialist of Edunation Anna Vekka with the future leader and innovators of Kenya!

Would Finland be ”stealing” talent from Kenya by inviting them to Finland?

According to Eunice, it is on the contrary. Kenya does not have the resources to employ everybody.

There was an advertisement in Nandi County for 60 positions for nurses. But there were 2000 applicants for those 60 positions

Eunice Sugut

There are nurses that want to work and are qualified to work, but Kenya does not, unfortunately, have the resources for them to work. It is truly ethical to provide opportunities for Kenyans from abroad so that they can also support their families back home better.

Best decision for a talented Kenyan

Eunice emphasizes that coming to Finland is the best decision for a Kenyan. She reasons this by saying that Finland has equality, is safe, any discrimination is not allowed at the workplace, and you can make anything you want of yourself.

Your background does not matter in Finland. All it takes is being motivated and determined.

Eunice Sugut

Besides motivation, the key to accessing opportunities in Finland is the Finnish language, which is not that hard to learn if you have the will.

Finland believes in someone who wants to achieve something

Eunice Sugut

Some will return to Kenya at some point to help their country with the skills and experiences acquired in Finland. Harri draws a picture where a Kenyan nursing professional comes to Finland for a shorter top-up degree, works in Finland, studies for a master’s degree in, e.g. health-business management, returns to Kenya, and opens a hospital with funding provided by, e.g. Worldbank and international investors.

Collaboration of Edunation and SuInCo

Eunice and Harri see the strength areas of Edunation and SuInco fulfilling each other. Eunice says they are excited about the partnership, especially because Edunation is the most capable organization offering educational job opportunities to Kenyans. This is what all the Kenyan counties want for their people.

Edunation’s role is to take care of things in Finland, and SuInCo does the same in Kenya. Many arrangements are needed related to planning and organizing the study programs with Finnish educational institutions, arranging exams, Finnish language teaching, residence permits, landing services, accommodations, etc. are some of the most vital services needed. Similarly, cooperation with stakeholders such as counties, students, and parents is essential in Kenya.

Promoting Finland and its study programs are done closely with SuInCo, Edunation, and Finnish schools. Finland is one of many countries working with Kenya. For example, Canada has been very active as well. But as Harri puts it, Canada is a cold country, whereas Finland is a cool country. And this has a big difference.

Before boarding to plane, Eunice and Harri conclude their meeting by agreeing to bring people together hand to help them to fly high toward their dreams.

You may watch the full video of the interview here:

In a nutshell

As Eunice positively claimed “Together, we are stronger!

Talented Kenyans will certainly benefit from Edunation and SuInco’s partnership. It is a life-changing opportunity that will let them practice their profession and enjoy the benefits of living in the happiest country in the world!

Every international student is welcome in Finland. Book a free counseling session now and let us help your journey!

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