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Learning Finnish – Useful Apps and Sites

Even though Finland is a country where foreigners manage well with only English, it’s always good to know the local language. You may have heard that Finnish is a hard language to learn but what really matters in learning any language is motivation and mentality. In this post, we’ve collected good language apps so you can start sharpening your Finnish skills.


WordDive is a very good and effective platform for learning Finnish and you can use it for free! It is available as a mobile app which allows you to learn by reading, writing, listening and talking, even when you are on the move. The site has a ready-made learning path and the only thing you have to do is stay motivated and keep going! Easy, right?

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There is a website, infoFinland, where you can find links to useful applications, podcasts as well as Finnish language online courses, most of which are completely free. You can learn Finnish grammar and vocabulary in a fun way, by playing games and completing exercises in Finnish!


When learning a new language it’s crucial to learn how to pronounce and know what the written language actually sounds like. With SpeakLanguages’ you can listen to different kinds of sentences from basic conversation to, for example, telling about an emergency in Finnish. It gives good support for the spoken language and definitely worth using alongside other platforms.


A fun way of learning Finnish is through Quizlet. In Quizlet, you can, for example, play games or use flashcards to learn the vocabulary of your choice. You can create your own study plan. Add deadlines, vocabulary areas that you need to master and Quizlet will handle the rest.

Quizlet is also available as an app allowing you to practice regardless of the location. So no excuses about not having the time because now you can practice easily even for a brief moment.

Other options

The thing with learning a new language is that there are many options to choose from. One tip with learning Finnish or any other language is that it should be enjoyable for you. When learning is fun you stay motivated. So, try listening to Finnish music or watching Finnish movies/series. This is definitely a fun way of learning and can be quite effective. Here are the Top 50 Best Finnish Movies, hope you enjoy!

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If you find it hard to stay motivated, check out our post about productivity apps.

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