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Lifelong Learning in Finland

Lifelong learning is a term used to describe all learning activities undertaken throughout your whole life, with the aim of improving your knowledge, skills and qualifications.

Finland is one of the top-performing countries in the field of lifelong learning. Our education system supports learning at every stage of our lives, in multiple ways. First of all, learning never stops. In other words, it has no dead-end. You can always continue your studies whether you’re in your early twenties or late sixties. As for university studies, Finland has no age limitations! In fact, the oldest student who has applied to study in Finland through us was 46 years old! In addition, there are no limitations on the number of gap years either!

You can study a whole new degree or deepen your knowledge by completing a master’s degree. It’s possible to supplement your existing studies at open university as well. The possibilities to educate yourself are very versatile.

In-service education

In-service education is for those who have already completed a higher education degree and are currently in working life. Almost every single university and university of applied sciences in Finland offers in-service education. With in-service education, you can keep your professional skills up to date and supplement shortage in your basic education.

The training can be a one-day intensive short course or seminar. The specialist training, however, can last for one semester or longer. The training can be for individuals attending the course or it can be for a certain company and its employees. In-service education functions as labor force training as well which is for unemployed persons.

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Open University enables lifelong learning for everyone

Many people in Finland want to study at Open University to develop themselves professionally and to broaden their know-how for working life, for the degree they are planning to study later or just for common knowledge.

In Finland, Open Universities are not their own facilities rather they are part of the universities, like Metropolia‘s open uni for example. Open Universities enable anyone to study studies related to degrees. They are open to everyone despite your earlier, educational background and your age! Almost every single university in Finland provides open uni studies.

At Open University you can study both individual courses, for example, language courses, and even whole modules if you want to. The courses can be online, involve contact learning or they can be carried out as blended teaching. The classes are usually held during the weekends or evenings.

Keep in mind that the open uni studies don’t lead to a degree and they are not full-time. However, the studies you have taken at Open University can contribute to a degree if you decide to continue to degree studies later. Open University is an excellent way to search for the right career choice!

Folk high school

Folk high school (kansanopisto in Finnish) is an upper secondary school level institution usually for majors. The institutions are boarding schools and they provide tuition based on common knowledge and self-development. You can either study long or short line studies. The long line studies last around one school year.

The topics of the studies are most of the time related to culture field, for example, dancing. You can also study a completely new profession for yourself as a media assistant or as a playground supervisor, just to name a few.

It doesn’t matter how old or young you are. It’s always important to keep your skills up to date and it’s never too late to start to learn new things!

Table of Contents