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Masters Degrees in Finland: Edunation’s Pathway to Masters and Partner Universities for International Students in 2024

Aside from upgrading your education, studying for master’s degrees in Finland opens limitless possibilities in a refreshing environment where you can grow in many ways.

If you are interested in taking up a master’s degree in Finland, we can help! We listed the top reasons to study in the country and some of the best Finnish universities to help you be the best version of yourself.

Moreover, we will introduce the most accessible and affordable way to complete a master’s degree in Finland!

Why take up master’s degrees in Finland?

Finland is the preferred destination of global learners as it has continuously produced the best professionals globally. Below are some of the benefits they enjoy:

Finnish education is consistently the best worldwide

Aside from a well-established education system, the country’s professors are the finest globally. They must have a master’s degree and belong to the top 10 percent of graduates to teach.

Studying for master’s degrees in Finland is less costly than in other first-world countries

Surprisingly, the cost of living for international students in the country is more affordable than in other European and first-world countries.

Additionally, you get to enjoy the privileges of a Finland student card. It provides discounts ranging from student meals to transportation costs, allowing for budgeting daily to monthly expenses effectively.

You can also work part-time while studying

International students taking up a master’s degree in Finland are allowed 30 hours a week to work part-time. With this, aside from added income, you get valuable experience working in a Finnish company and building professional connections.

With its constant upgrades for the benefit of its local and international students, there will be more reasons to study in Finland.

Finland has exciting areas where you can live and enjoy an excellent quality of life

You can choose among available Finnish cities to live and settle in. If you want daily access to gorgeous sunsets and sunrises, head to Rauma, also known for having two UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Do you prefer a dynamic environment with festive events like concerts, cultural, and sports events? Pick Espoo! How about an area offering trendy restaurants, cafes, and bars with stimulating activities during summer? Choose Turku, which is also known for breathtaking river and seaside views.

In summary, Finland has the best locations that cater to various wants! 

Renowned universities where you can enroll in a master’s degree in Finland


Metropolia University of Applied Sciences is the nation’s largest university of applied sciences. It is located in the country’s capital and offers business, engineering, health care, social services, and educational programs.

Moreover, students enrolled in a master’s degree in Finland at Metropolia are guaranteed a high-quality education in an environment concentrating on research, development, and innovation.

Master’s programs in Metropolia:

2. LUT University

Aside from having a large selection of master’s degree programs, LUT University is recognized globally, receiving praise from Times Higher Education, QS World Ranking, Shanghai Ranking, and more.

Moreover, a master’s degree in Finland, specifically at LUT University, enables you to enjoy an international campus with innovative learning facilities.

Master’s programs in LUT:



Chemical Engineering

Computational Engineering and Technical Physics

Electrical Engineering

Energy Technology

Environmental Engineering

Industrial Engineering and Management

Mechanical Engineering

Software Engineering and Digital Transformation

3. Hanken School of Business

A master’s degree in Finland, specifically at Hanken School of Economics, is highly advisable for international students as it is research-oriented, socially responsible, and supports sustainable development.

Hanken is one of the oldest learning institutions in Finland. It is one of the best, as it received Triple Crown Accreditation, which is only held by 1% of the world’s best business schools globally.

Master’s program in Hanken:

4. Arcada University of Applied Sciences

Arcada University of Applied Sciences offers high-quality, practice-oriented programs for a master’s degree in Finland. It is among the most popular study options for international business administration and technology students.

Moreover, Arcada cooperates and partners with companies and organizations to exchange knowledge and create connections that help students after graduation.

Master’s programs in Arcada:

5. Kajaani University of Applied Sciences

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, or KAMK, is one of the best educators of master’s degrees in Finland, as it received the quality label in 2021 from the Finland Education Evaluation Center.

Additionally, KAMK passed the scholastic barometers established by the Ministry of Education and Culture. With this, you can expect world-class teachings in its gorgeous campus at Kajaani.

Master’s programs in KAMK:

  • Master of Business Administration – Global Business Management

6. Satakunta University of Applied Sciences

Graduates of master’s degrees in Finland, specifically at the Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, are highly valued, professionally effective, and globally competitive.

Aside from its educational expertise, SAMK offers hands-on collaboration with businesses and institutions to ensure their students know helpful trends in line with learning. Moreover, SAMK has a passionate community where equality and cooperation exist.

How to enroll in Master’s Degrees in Finland? 

Edunation’s Master Pathway to Finland is the best preparation course to help you enroll in a graduate school in the world’s happiest country.

Aside from enhanced academic and language skills, you will also learn about life as a student in Finland to help you become more efficient and productive!

Additionally, Edunation’s Master Pathway to Finland offers:

  • No entrance examination required
  • Smooth and easy application process to a Finnish university
  • Wide range of highly in-demand and recognized master’s degree programs

Completing Edunation’s Master Pathway to Finland guarantees progress to life-changing postgraduate degree studies at the abovementioned universities!

Schedule free counseling today and upgrade yourself by enrolling for master’s degrees in Finland. Our professional team will assist you on your transformative and exciting journey toward the best version of yourself!

Student Testimonials about Edunation’s Pathway Program

“ I will recommend the Pathway program of Edunation fully because I feel it is the best preparatory course. We are about to come to a new country and trying to get adjusted to a new culture. It will give anybody a good startup.”

Anupama De Silva, Sri Lanka
master's degrees in Finland

“The structure of Edunation’s Pathway was perfect. The three and five months of studies are indeed structured well!”

Phillip Snow, USA
master's degrees in Finland

“Our class was very international. We have classmates from Finland, Germany, Pakistan, India, China, and Vietnam. I really enjoyed the multicultural environment. I made friends with many international students in our class, and we still keep in touch until now. After the program, all my classmates have better career paths. The study also helped me a lot in my work”.

Hang Do, Vietnam

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To sum it up

Enrolling for master’s degrees in Finland is certainly the best step in equally upgrading yourself personally and professionally. For example, those looking for postgraduate degrees in business in Europe for Indians must enroll now in Edunation’s Pathway to Master’s and experience a life-changing opportunity!

Imagine studying and living in a modern country where equality exists. After completing master’s degrees in Finland, everyone can have the best careers and satisfying salaries.

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