Most student-friendly cities in Finland

Finland is the happiest country in the world and what would be a better place to study than that. 1.3 million students are a big part of communities and on this blog post, you can find some of the most student-friendly cities.


Helsinki, the capital of Finland is one of the most popular cities among international students in Europe. 10 institutions and around 70 000 students in the city make sure you are not alone. Helsinki provides busy city life and a lot of work opportunities during and after studies.

Students can find always something to do in a city that is filled with concerts, events, restaurants, and bars. When it’s time to relax it’s easy also to find beautiful nature scenery. A slight downside for students is the costs of living. Living in Helsinki can be expensive compared to other cities.

Helsinki city view from the sea
Photo of Helsinki cathedral

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Fast-growing “Manchester of Finland” is the most popular place to live in Finland and is a famous student city with a lively atmosphere. Tampere locates in mid-Finland and has great connections to other cities like Turku, Helsinki, and Jyväskylä. Getting around the city is easy by foot, bike, tram, or bus. There are many free-time activities, events and concerts organized year around and it’s very common to see students enjoying student life in parks and in the city center.

Tammerkoski rapids in Tampere

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Scenic Turku is located southwest of Finland and is the old capital of Finland. Turku offers a perfect balance of city life and unique nature which is easy to access and enjoy. There are two universities and four universities of applied sciences welcoming around 5000 new students each year. Schools and student dormitories are located close to the city center and each other which makes moving around the city easy and fast. Prices are yet affordable and parks, riverbanks, restaurants, cafes, and bars create a nice combination to enjoy life during and after studies.

Turku cathedral and city view
aerial photo of Turku at sundown

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Lappeenranta is located next to the biggest lake in Finland, Saimaa. Location in southern Finland close to the Russian border is giving the chance for students to live in the beautiful city surrounded by nature and yet have easy access to big cities like Helsinki and St. Petersburg just in few hours.  Lappeenranta is very international compared to its size and has one-quarter of its students from abroad. Student events and innovative campuses make sure students have always something interesting to do.

Aerial photo of LUT campus
Aerial photo of LUT campus

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Kajaani is a small idyllic city that offers a great place to live for people who enjoy culture, nature, and outdoor activities. The city has many students and the student community is very close. It’s easy to get around on foot or by bike. In Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) students get the chance to study in smaller classes that are tailored to them. KAMK and student union KAMO organizes plenty of events for students to enjoy.

Girl jumping in the air in nature
Student jump shot

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