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Movie Stars Filming in Tampere

Corona has affected many of our lives negatively and seems to become an unfavorable factor in many countries and societies last year. However, it also brought something positive and exciting to one of the biggest student cities in Finland – Tampere.

Hollywood movie production

A new sci-fi movie called Dual was beginning to start filming in the United States last spring, when the pandemic forced the production to shut down. In order to continue to shoot the movie, a new filming location had to be found. Options were New Zealand and Canada among others. And what did the makers of Dual end up with? The answer is no other than Tampere, Finland.

Dual was filmed in the city of Tampere!
Dual was filmed in the city of Tampere!

Finland and Finnish people have done such a great job handling corona and containing the spread of the virus inside the country, that the makers of Dual decided Tampere was the best place to film the movie!

The crew of the movie spent six weeks filming the movie in Tampere, as well as some nearby towns.

World-class actors

Even though the movie itself has a budget of around 5 million dollars, the leading roles are taken by some very known celebrities. The starring actors are Aaron Paul and Karen Gillan. You might know Karen Gillan from a famous TV-series called Doctor Who, or from the various Marvel movies that she has starred in as Nebula. She was a part of Avengers: Endgame, for example. Aaron Paul on the other hand, is best known for his remarkable role in Breaking Bad, where he portrayed one of the lead characters Jesse Pinkman.

Aaron Paul
karen Gillan
Aaron Paul & Karen Gillan are both very known actors and actresses! Picture source: Wikipedia

The lead actors have been spotted around Tampere during their free time. It seems like they really enjoyed their time in the city, Aaron Paul even visited a local restaurant and bought drinks for everyone!

More movies to come

Dual is the first Hollywood film filmed completely in Finland. The production company of the movie – XYZ Films – really seemed to like Tampere, as they recently signed a deal with the city of Tampere about future movie productions. More Hollywood movies are going to be filmed in the lovely city of Tampere. First productions could begin as soon as next year already.

More Hollywood movies can be expected to be filmed in Tampere!
More Hollywood movies can be expected to be filmed in Tampere!

Finland is the place to be

If you are looking for another reason to choose Finland as your study destination, here you have one! Regular cities, such as Tampere, can be chosen to be the filming locations of famous Hollywood productions. This means that you might run into global celebrities like Aaron Paul on your trip to the grocery store!

Finland is the place to be for any international student!
Finland is the place to be for any international student!

The fact that even major movie productions from Hollywood are taking an interest to Finland, shows that this country is becoming more and more attractive to people as well as major companies. Possibilities are endless for international students in Finland!

If this got you excited, book a FREE counseling session with us here. We will help you get started on your journey to study in Finland! Remember to check our other blog posts as well for more facts about Finland!

Table of Contents