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Moving to Finland with your Kids? Make it Smooth with Pathway Kids!

Moving to Finland with Your Kids

Are you a former student, currently enrolled, or planning to enroll in our Pathway Program? We have exciting news if you are moving to Finland with your kids!

As a parent, while you focus on your studies, it’s always part of your plan to support your kids’ well-being during your family’s transition to Finland. 

Even for former Pathway students, who want to pursue their career in Finland, Pathway Kids is here, our brand-new program designed to help your child adjust to a new life abroad. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss the important program details, objectives, study courses, and general admission requirements, so you’ll know if this program is right for you!

Why Pathway Kids?

We designed a preparatory program for your kids to provide essential support for a smoother transition upon their arrival here in Finland. This is a one-semester, full-time study. 

Since managing your and your kids’ futures can be quite overwhelming, we created this program to guide your child toward academic and social excellence. 

1. English skills get better.

We all know that moving to a new country with your family can be challenging, especially for the kids. 

In Pathway Kids, we support and develop your kids’ English foundation and make English communication easier.

2. Introduction to Finnish language and culture.

Good news! We don’t just teach the English language in this program, we also provide an introduction to the Finnish language and its culture

Isn’t that fun and exciting? Just imagine them greeting you with “Moi!” instead of “Hi” on their arrival here in Finland. By the way, Moi is “Hello” in English. 

3. Build their confidence and make friends. 

Attending a new school or learning environment can be nerve-wracking for the kids, but not anymore with our Pathway Kids program. 

Aside from it being held online, it creates a safe space for the kids to interact or connect with other kids of different nationalities and build social skills. 

4. Fun learning.

I know you’re thinking of having more textbooks and homework when having classes, say. Forget about them anyway, because Pathway Kids has games, interactive exercises, plenty of laughter, and more engaging activities.

5. Dedicated Staff. 

At Pathway Kids, we have a team of dedicated staff who are all about helping your child grow, not just academically but personally, too!

Let’s Make It Easy On Parents Too!

Moving to Finland with your Kids: Students studying with their parents
  • Online Learning. Are you worried about juggling your schedules? Don’t worry, this program offers both live and recorded sessions that will surely fit into your daily routine.
  • Focus on Interactive Learning. Pathway Kids prioritizes engaging activities that make learning enjoyable instead of having stressful exams.
  • Clear Schedule. This program schedule is simple. There will be a maximum of 2 one-hour sessions per week. It consists of all activities completed during class time. There are no assignments anymore.

Enrolling Early Pays Off!

We encourage you to apply early! 

In addition to heading out to start your kids on their Finnish adventure, you can also take advantage of our family discounts when you simultaneously apply with them. 

We Made It Affordable and Accessible for You

The program fee for Pathway Kids is €675. 

This price applies when the Pathway parent applies for their child after their own acceptance. However, we offer family discounts to make the program even more accessible:

  • 1 Pathway Parent + 1 Pathway Kid: €100 discount
  • 1 Pathway Parent + 2 Pathway Kids: €150 discount

For example, if the online program fee for a Pathway parent is €2900, applying for their child simultaneously would bring the total cost to €3575, but with the 1-child discount, you’d pay only €3475.

But, Is Your Child a Perfect Fit?

Moving to Finland with your Kids: kids with different nationalities

For your kids to be considered for this program, here are the eligibility requirements:

  • Children’s age should be between 7 to 12 
  • Their parents should be currently enrolled or former Pathway students. 
  • Children should have basic English language skills.

General Admission Requirements

  1. Acceptance Letter from Parents. The parent must be a current or former student in any of Edunation’s program.
  2. Transcript of Records. Students must have completed an English subject or Medium of Instruction Certificate.
  3. Passport ID page, valid ID, or ay other documents that can verify the student’s identity.

Don’t have the required documents but still want your child to study with us? No problem! Send us an email, and let’s discuss the possibilities.

Note: Parents of Pathway Kid(s) should ensure their child has basic English language skills, including reading, writing, listening, and speaking, as English Communication Skills subjects will not start from scratch.

How to apply? 

You may visit our Pathway Kids webpage for detailed application steps and additional information.

Pathway Kids: The Key to a Smooth Transition to Finland

Moving to Finland with your child doesn’t have to be stressful. Pathway Kids helps them feel confident, prepared, and excited for their new adventure. 

They’ll arrive in Finland with improved English skills, and strong foundation in the Finnish language, a network of new friends, and the skills they need to excel in their new school.

Kids and parents, are you ready to learn more?  Book a free counseling session today to discuss how this program can benefit your child and get your application started before the next intake in August 2024!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my child doesn’t speak any English yet?

Pathway Kids is designed for children with some existing English language skills.
However, if your child has very limited English, we recommend starting with resources like educational apps or online programs designed for beginners. These can help prepare them for the Pathway Kids curriculum.

Will my child need any special software or equipment?

Pathway Kids utilizes Claned and Zoom, a safe and secure online learning platform. The program will provide you with all the necessary guidance and support to get your child set up on Claned. A computer with a webcam and a reliable internet connection are necessary for participation.

How will my child interact with other children?

The program incorporates online activities that encourage interaction and collaboration between students. There may be opportunities for group discussions, games, or projects where children can connect and build friendships.

What kind of support do parents receive?

Pathway Kids understands the importance of parental involvement. Parents will receive regular updates on their child’s progress and access to resources to support their child’s learning journey outside of class time. Additionally, parents can schedule consultations with teachers to discuss any questions or concerns.

Is there financial assistance available?

While there is no scholarship program currently offered, Pathway Kids does provide a discount for families enrolling multiple children. We recommend contacting Pathway Kids directly to inquire about any future financial aid options.


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