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Myths about Finland – True or False

There are often some assumptions about different countries and nationalities. And even more often these assumptions are based on a handful of people representing the nationality and therefore not accurate. In this post, we will tackle the most common myths about Finland, Finns and the Finnish education. True or False?

Finns are anti-social – False

This is probably the most common assumption about Finns and is, of course, dependent on the individual. In general, Finns do appreciate their own space and might not start conversations with strangers often but are happy to, for example, help you with any questions you might have. There are also very talkative Finns out there so don’t be surprised if a Finn strikes up a conversation with you.

Often Finns might come across as quiet but the fact is that they just prefer to know the person first and then they are very chatty. But even though we declare this myth as false, I will advise you not to go and sit next to a Finn in an empty bus. It sounds weird but this really irritates Finns because what they truly love is their personal space. Unless we are in a sauna. Kind of funny.

Many students outside during campus activities

The Finnish education system is one of the best – True

This is something that Finns are very proud of and Finland is often also known for. The education system in Finland is indeed one of the best and has been already quite a few years. When you google about the best education systems in the world, Finland pops up almost always among the top ranking countries. Finnish education is also very appreciated when applying abroad for work or studies.

In our recent post, you can find out what the Finnish higher education system is like.

It’s always cold in Finland – False

Because Finland is located in the North, people often think that it’s never sunny or warm here. We have four beautiful seasons that are very different from each other.

Springtime is often sunny and quite warm when in autumn we might have some rain but amazing scenery as well. During the winter it can get pretty cold and snowy but then again summertime is often warm (sometimes even hot) and sunny. Still wouldn’t maybe recommend Finland as a tropical vacation destination.

Clear sky and trees

You need to know Finnish to be able to live in Finland – False

Moving to a new country and not knowing the language might be an issue in many countries. In Finland, however, you can cope with English just fine. Thanks to our education system, Finns are pretty good at English. Some are more shy with using the language skills that they have but because Finns are quite polite, they will try their best.

Of course it’s always good to know some Finnish especially if you are planning to stay for a long time. It’s easier to find a job and to emerge into the culture when you have the basic knowledge of the language.

If you have heard any other myths about Finland or Finns, please comment it below and we will declare it true or false.

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