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New Year, New Study Hub!

The first signs of Spring are visible, the daylight is pleasing us a little longer day by day, and the Study Hub for Spring 2024 has started. So officially, the Spring is here!

As the beginning of the year usually means new beginnings, promises, and wishes for the upcoming year, Spring in the Study Hub certainly marks the start of something new for our students. The Study Hub program is starting for the third time to support students in fulfilling their dreams.

The upcoming spring semester will include studies in various subjects that prepare students for their future studies, but on the side, the learning experience will span to include much more.

During the Spring, the students familiarize themselves with everyday life in Finland, build connections, and, not to forget, have fun and enjoy while adjusting. Look at the smiles on our first activity day!

Study Hub Group at the Senate Square.
Metro Station selfies with new friends.

New beginnings are exciting, but at the same time, they usually make you nervous. How will I handle this? There might be a lot of “what ifs.” Navigating new cultures and habits requires you to remain open and curious.

It will require courage to seize the opportunities to build connections and explore new things. The students in the Study Hub are not alone!

To support the students in the process of adjusting, the “Study Hub Channel” on our learning platform, Claned offers them tips on everyday life here in Finland and travel tips for exploring Helsinki and Finland. Not to forget the weekly newsletter to keep the students informed and offer insights into Finnish culture.

In addition to the “Study Hub Channel,” students can join Tutor Office Hours on campus to ask questions and seek assistance in any matters, and why not just chat and hang out?

On a weekly basis, we also study together on campus outside of lecture hours to make sure that everyone has the best possible tools for success.

Campus Tour at Metropolia
Kickstarting the Study Hub Semester

Certainly, this Spring marks a new beginning for me, too. I have started my journey with Edunation in January. As a Study Hub Tutor, I strive to build bridges to Finnish culture and support the students on their journey in Finland.

This Spring will consist of several diverse activities that, in a way, offer new perspectives on life in Finland. Not to forget the classics you must get to know in Finland such as the beautiful nature, sights, and sauna!

The students can vote for the activities in the Study Hub Channel and suggest places or activities they would like to experience.

Me fulfilling my dream to study abroad in South Korea last year.

Once the leaves on the trees start turning to shades of yellow and red in the autumn, the students begin their studies in the Finnish educational institutes. When we look back to the Spring then, the life in Finland has started to feel familiar.

On top of that, they have gained knowledge of the Finnish academic environment, learned some Finnish language, and built a strong base of knowledge to start their educational path in Finland. They can look back and say to themselves, “I am proud of myself; I had the courage to pursue my dream.”

Study Hub! Study Hub!

About the Writer:
Roosa is a master’s student in Educational Sciences and recently joined the Edunation team to guide and support the Study Hub students as their Tutor. She has experience in intercultural environments as a student and as an enthusiastic traveler herself. Her interests are focused on intercultural communication and educational development.

Table of Contents