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Nordic Fathers In Finland: How Fathers Are Valued In The Happiest Country In The World!

Why are Nordic fathers in Finland the happiest?

Being a father is certainly enjoyable in Finland. Parenthood is a shared task in raising a child. Nordic fathers are involved in taking care of their children, and they also enjoy being at home to do other responsibilities.

In celebration of Father’s Day every second Sunday of November, let us introduce you to the benefits Nordic fathers have in Finland! We will discuss paternity leave and the equality of society in the country.

Finland: Home of the modern Nordic Fathers

Finland is one of the best countries for new fathers. The nation provides superior benefits to them that equally complement the need of their wives and children.

At home, modern Nordic fathers believe that playing with their child help in their development and well-being. Outdoor time is certainly the best way to learn about nature and how to protect it. It also builds the child’s immune system.

Nordic fathers also specifically teach their child confidence and resilience. Children are trained to accept the world as it is. This act certainly helps in building their self-esteem and being ready for future challenges.

Furthermore, Nordic parents see a child’s mistakes as a learning opportunity. Instead of focusing on the negative, they shift to the positive lesson. This method ultimately makes a child learn from their mistakes more effectively.

Additionally, children in Finland are given freedom like climbing trees, helping out in the kitchen, and more under the supervision of their parents. This act helps the child to understand their limits, make good decisions later on, and be responsible for their actions.

Duties of Nordic fathers at home

Finnish society encourages Nordic fathers to do daily childcare duties. They actively participate in their child’s growth and make sure they grow up to be responsible citizens of the country.

Nordic fathers equally have tasks on childcare and housework. When fathers take care of their children daily, it gives them the confidence and encouragement to be active parents.

Nordic fathers
Parental leaves establish a lasting bond between a father and his child!

Parental leave for Nordic fathers in Finland

Nordic countries, specifically Finland, offer the best parental leaves in the world.

The nation provides 160 days of parental leave for each parent or guardian (320 days in total per child). The community, companies, and the government highly support the law.

There are two options: parental leave and shared family leave. Shared family leave is where men and women share combined days of family leave.

Finnish research shows that equal sharing of family leave and unpaid care and housework between spouses is connected not only to gender equality but also to many components of well-being in family life.

Interview studies with fathers from extended leave in different countries show that their skills and self-confidence strengthened. The father also becomes sensitive to the child’s needs and rhythm.

Taking primary responsibility for the child’s care and spending most of the time in close contact with the child is undoubtedly good for the father.

The parental leave of Nordic fathers also positively affects his well-being. Time spent with the child increases this happiness. Family leave and parental leave enable him and the mother to take a break from working life.

The government of Finland is offering fathers nine weeks of paternity leave with 70 percent of their salary. The company where Nordic fathers works pay for the leave, and eventually, the Finnish government agency pays the company the same amount.

Equality for Nordic fathers in workplaces in Finland

Finland is known for its equality between men and women is present in workplaces in Finland. For example, Esihenkilö means supervisor in Finnish, and it covers both men and women.

Finland started giving shared parental leaves around the middle of the 1980s, and Nordic fathers have used them a lot. Their use of parental leave has become more common, which is an excellent way to promote equality for both parents.

Nordic fathers stay at home to be a caregiver to their children. Society supports him and his parental leave during the child’s first years.

parental leaves of Nordic fathers:

  • makes them more involved as a parent
  • develops their parenthood skills
  • makes them appear as a role model for modern fatherhood
  • makes their children experience fewer social and psychological difficulties
nordic fathers
Fatherhood is celebrated in Finland! Nordic fathers receive awards for their hard work and dedication to their families!

Father of the Year Award in Finland

The Ministry of Social Affairs Health awards yearly five exemplary fathers for their work on gender equality in Finland. They are also given commendations for taking time to care for their children.

In 2021, the country awarded Nordic fathers for their effort in supporting their children under exceptional situations. They also raised issues related to fatherhood through their life’s work.

Companies also support the leave of Nordic fathers. After taking paternity and family leave, companies notice returning fathers are happier and more committed to their work!

In a nutshell

Finland is truly a champion of equality. Regardless of gender, all citizens enjoy fair and balanced rights meant to make the lives of their citizens happy!

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