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Nursing in Finland: Best Reasons To Study In Finland To Be A Globally Competitive Nurse

The healthcare sector constantly needs a workforce, and if you plan to study nursing in Finland, this blog will certainly help you decide.

Your passion will take you anywhere. The question is, where should you nurture it?

Today, let us introduce you to the happiest country in the world and explain why studying nursing in Finland is the best choice you will ever make.

We will also discuss the cost of studying in the country and the salary after graduation. Let’s start!

Brief background about Finland

Finland is a first-world Nordic country located in Northern Europe. It is a picturesque nation known for its lush forest, crystal clear bodies of water, and breathtaking landscapes.

Aside from natural wonders, Finland has gorgeous and modern cities constantly acclaimed globally. Helsinki, the nation’s capital, has free WiFi connections in every corner. Massive architectural wonders dominate the city, such as the Helsinki Central Library, the Senate Square, Temppeliaukio Church, Musiikkitalo – Helsinki Music Center, and more.

If you are into archaeological structures, the nation has the Wolf cave of Vargberget in Ostrobothnia, the Shrine of Ukonsaari in Lapland, Sammallahdenmäki in Satakunta, and more.

How much is the tuition fee to study nursing in Finland?

The tuition fee for nursing in Finland starts at 9,500 EUR per academic year. Due to the new law for international students, you may work 30 hours a week to help with the living costs in the country.

nursing in Finland
Nurses perform a variety of tasks daily. If you are passionate to be one, choose the country that will give you the best education in the world!

Reasons why studying nursing in Finland is the best

Now that you know about the country and the cost of studying nursing in Finland, let us state why you should certainly pick the country for higher education.

1. Nurses have many job opportunities in the country

Like anywhere in the world, Finland has a shortage of nurses. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities equally lack the staffing to care for their citizens. Some medical institutions had to stop their operation for the summer. 

After successfully completing the course, you can apply for a position in the country. Medical institutions and hospitals may contact you with a great offer.

2. High quality of education

Finland is certainly all about equality. No matter how much money a family earns, everyone has the same chance at a good education. This noble mission makes people equally responsible and educated so that they can help Finland grow.

Aside from equality, all universities in the country certainly offer top-notch education. International learners who will study nursing in Finland are surely guaranteed to experience world-class learning amenities, the best teachers, and acclaimed universities.

3. The cost of living is certainly more affordable than in popular destinations

Studying abroad requires you to have funds during your stay. Aside from tuition fees, you must equally have a budget for your daily, monthly, and yearly needs.

Australia and Canada are equally popular destinations for international students but do you know it is more reasonable to study nursing in Finland? Check out the list below courtesy of MyLifeElsewhere. Note that all amounts are in US Dollars.

Rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the downtown area
Rent for a one-bedroom apartment outside the city$577.34$887.86$940.11
Utilities (electricity, water, heating, and gas)$101.67$118.12$106.32
Internet connection$22.59$53.73$65.32
Milk (one liter)$1.00$2.03$1.22
Egg (One dozen)$2.38$3.54$2.99
Local cheese$3.76$3.78$5.78
Apples (One kilogram)$2.35$3.11$3.55
Orange (One kilogram)$2.24$2.74$3.51
Comparing basic expenses in Finland, Australia, and Canada

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4. You can work part-time while studying

To help you with finances, you can work 30 hours a week as an international student in Finland. Part-time jobs in the country are generally flexible, so you can still focus on your studies while earning.

You may choose from food delivery, daycare, elderly care, research assistant, content creation, and more. You can earn eight to 12 EUR per hour.

5. A stunning environment surrounds you to lessen stress after studying or work

Studying while working is hard, but having nice views of nature around you can help you feel less stressed.

Finland is home to some of the world’s most beautiful and refreshing cities. If you plan to study in Helsinki, you will undoubtedly enjoy historical architecture that compliments the city’s modern vibe.  

If you are a fan of the sea, you will surely adore the city of Turku. The fresh sea breeze will certainly energize you after a day of school or work.

6. Efficient public transportation

Trains, buses, and trams are the public transportation available in Finland. They are highly efficient and will surely take you to your destination safely.

Additionally, the cost of public transportation is generally reasonable. If you travel daily, we highly suggest getting a season ticket for 55 EUR with a 30-days validity.

7. Safe and secure environment

Finland is one of the safest countries in the world. The crime rate is relatively low, and the most commonly reported incidents are traffic and property related. 

Additionally, there had been no reports of crimes experienced by international visitors. The country is undoubtedly safe for international students when they go to universities and do part-time work day or night.

8. People are well-mannered and 100% literate

The nation has 100% literacy ensuring international learners studying nursing in Finland will interact daily with civilized people. Expect helpful Fins who will gladly teach you a thing or two about going around the country.

Additionally, Fins are great citizens. They are pleasant to interact with and will welcome you warmly.

9. You have access to a Finnish student card

The Finnish student card is certainly an excellent way to lessen your finances. International students of second-degree, Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences equally receive this privilege.

However, the international version of the student card may be invalid for two standard price deductions, such as train tickets and nationwide buses. Still, it is a special privilege that lets you save.

nursing in Finland
Finland was one of the nations that successfully battled the Covid 19 virus. With this, expect the best healthcare teachings in the country!

10. Healthiest food to nourish you

Students certainly need healthy and all-natural food to keep their minds working efficiently. Once you study nursing in Finland, expect a lot of nutritious choices.

The country emphasizes the quality of its fruits and vegetables and ensures everything is natural. In addition, meat from Finland is free from antibiotics. This method certainly guarantees you are safe from the harmful effects of overusing antibiotics that have detrimental side effects. 

11. One of the cleanest countries in the world

If you suffer from allergies caused by pollution, Finland is certainly the country for you! It consistently ranks as one of the cleanest countries in the world and has a 98.8% air quality.

Additionally, it takes the top spot for environmental health, so you will surely enjoy a modern nation with immaculate surroundings.

Furthermore, Finland has the cleanest drinking water in the world. You will undoubtedly be free from water-related diseases that might affect your studies and part-time work.

12. You have access to fun activities during school or part-time work breaks

Aside from studying nursing in Finland, you must also have breaks in between. The country offers tons of fun activities that will surely help you relax.

In summer, you can attend music and cultural festivals. In addition, you can take a dip in the lakes and seas, ride a kayak, paddle, and more for physical activity.

You can visit Rovaniemi and marvel at the famous northern lights during the cold season. Additionally, you may also roam around the magical Santa Claus village and be a child again!

13. Easy post-visa application after graduation

The updated law in the country for international students is the perfect reason to study nursing in Finland. After finishing a bachelor’s degree, you can surely get a post-study work visa that allows you to work for two years.

Additionally, applying for a permanent residence permit is easy! The time you spend in the country on a study permit counts toward the four-year requirement for applying for permanent residency in Finland. To learn more, read our student-to-permanent resident guide.

14. The country has the best universal healthcare systems in the world

After studying nursing in Finland and becoming a resident, expect the best healthcare system in the world!

Finland offers primary healthcare and specialized medical care equally to its citizens.  The former is given at municipal health centers, while the latter is at hospitals.

Furthermore, private health care is also available in the nation. It provides primary and specialized services and is partly financed using a budget from the government.

15. The country is perfect for families from all nations

Aside from the best healthcare system, there are certainly limitless reasons why studying nursing in Finland and applying as a resident is an ideal move for you!

A good example is the parental laws considered the best in the world. Parents are equally provided 164 days of leave with a 30 EUR daily allowance once their child is born. 

How much is the salary for nurses in Finland?

According to the Finnish Nurses Association, the starting salary of nurses is 2,445 EUR per month. After a few years of experience, nurses in the municipal sector generally receive around 3,045 EUR per month and 2,951 EUR in the private sector. 

Furthermore, nurses who are state employed generally receive 3,427 EUR per month. All nurses equally receive allowances during shift work and overtime.

In summary

Nursing is certainly a challenging course. Aside from studying and memorizing essential lessons, it is also physically demanding as you have multiple tasks in the hospital. Lessen your stress by choosing a country that will surely offer the best in terms of cost of living, food choices, recreational activities, and more!

Choose wisely, and learn higher education in Finland!

Book a free counseling session now, and let us start your journey toward studying nursing in Finland!

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Study in Finland, equality for all!

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