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Nursing schools in Finland: The Best Universities to make you globally competitive in the healthcare industry!

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What are the best nursing schools in Finland? 

Nursing programs are for you if you plan to serve passionately and be part of the noble healthcare industry.

Finland, named the happiest country in the world for many years, is the perfect country to learn everything about this fulfilling career. 

Today, let us guide you in choosing the best nursing schools in Finland. We will also include why you should choose the country to hone your skills, the tuition fee, and how much you can earn as a nurse. 

Why study in nursing schools in Finland?

Aside from being awarded as the happiest country in the world, compared to AustraliaCanada, and neighboring European countries like Sweden and Germany, Finland has more to offer!

Firstly, the Finnish education system is one of the best in the world. Other countries copy it as it produces globally-competitive graduates.

Moreover, after graduating from nursing schools in Finland, you have many job opportunities in the country.

The cost of living and studying is affordable compared to other first-world countries. You can also apply for a part-time job and earn eight to 12 Euros per hour!

Applying for a permanent residency is also easy. With the amended law, living in the country with a residence permit for studies will now be counted towards that four-year requirement. This privilege makes things much more convenient for international students and gives them a quicker pathway toward permanent residency in Finland.

To know more about the compelling advantages of enrolling in nursing schools in Finland, read the best reasons to study in Finland to be a globally competitive nurse.

How much is the tuition fee at nursing schools in Finland?

Studying in nursing schools in Finland will cost 9,500 EUR per academic year. Again to help with expenses, you can work part-time for 30 hours a week. 

How much is the salary of nurses in Finland?

Newly hired nurses in the country earn 2,445 EUR monthly. After a few years, your salary will increase to 3,045 EUR or more. 

Top 10 nursing schools in Finland 

Let us now present the best nursing schools in Finland, guaranteed to make you globally competitive!

1. Metropolia University of Applied Sciences 

Aside from being the largest applied science university, Metropolia University of Applied Science is also one of the most prestigious nursing schools in Finland. 

It offers a complete and respected nursing program with an intense focus on practical training, covering various medical topics. 

Moreover, Metropolia also has cutting-edge facilities, such as a nursing simulation center for personalized and hands-on training. 

2. Tampere University

Tampere University is one of the most prominent nursing schools in Finland. It has research-based nursing programs which combine practical and academic knowledge.  

Additionally, Tampere specifically concentrates on evidence-based practice that aids students in upgrading their critical-thinking ability. It also applies the most updated results in research to make teaching relevant.

3. Seinajoki University of Applied Sciences

One of the most innovative and cutting-edge nursing schools in Finland is Seinajoki University of Applied Sciences. It offers a nursing program to give international learners the latest skills and knowledge, emphasizing technological advancements.  

Moreover, for students to stay updated with developments in nursing, Seinajoki also concentrates on research and innovation. 

4. LAB University of Applied Sciences

Nursing programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels are available at LAB University of Applied Sciences. Aside from a wide range of updated lessons, its educational courses specifically combine practical clinical experience in healthcare facilities. 

Moreover, this learning institution also offers a Master’s degree program in nursing specifically for those who want to broaden their skills and expertise.

International students who want to enhance their knowledge and compassion equally should enroll at LAB University of Applied Sciences – one of the top nursing schools in Finland!

5. Karelia University of Applied Science

The Karelia University of Applied Science is among the outstanding nursing schools in Finland. Its nursing programs is well- structured and intended to establish a solid foundation in practice and theory. 

In addition, Karelia also gives its students global exposure through internships and exchange programs. 

6. Satakunta University of Applied Sciences

The nursing degree at Satakunta University of Applied Sciences or SAMK will prepare you to become a passionate healthcare provider. 

It offers extensive training that allows you to handle patients of various ages professionally, explicitly caring for their well-being and treating disorders. 

Aside from principle-based competencies, you will learn diverse and comprehensive knowledge, modern and practical skills, and interaction abilities to make you globally competitive. 

7. Oulu University of Applied Sciences

Oulu University of Applied Sciences is one of the most popular nursing schools in Finland. To let students fully immerse themselves in the nursing programs, it has practical training in healthcare institutions like hospitals, medical facilities, healthcare facilities, and more. 

Moreover, Oulu University of Applied Sciences focuses on research programs in health and social care to guide students in upgrading their understanding.  

8. University of Helsinki

The University of Helsinki is among the most recognized nursing schools in Finland. 

Aside from classroom education, its nursing program involves clinical practice at nursing homes, community health centers, and hospitals.

After successfully finishing the course, graduates can work as registered nurses or enroll to enhance their credentials further. 

9. JAMK University of Applied Sciences

Besides nursing subjects, JAMK University of Applied Sciences also concentrates on improving their students’ problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration abilities with future employers. 

In addition, one-third of the nursing program will include simulations at its modern training facilities, elderly homes, health centers, and hospitals for the ultimate hands-on experience. 

10. Arcada University of Applied Sciences

Arcada University of Applied Sciences offers one of the most recognized nursing schools in Finland. Its curriculum specifically intends to nurture students with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge needed in today’s healthcare industry. 

Arcada’s nursing degree program has its foundation in caring science, with multidisciplinary elements from medical, behavioral, natural sciences, and more. 

Enrolling in Arcada is certainly life-changing as you will experience close collaborations with working life through solo or group activities. 

In a nutshell

Generally, all nursing schools in Finland can transform students into well-rounded, efficient, and forward-thinking health professionals.

Experience this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and study in Finland – the happiest country in the world!

Book a free counseling today, and we will help you in your journey!

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