Our students from the Nursing Top-up and Full-Time Nursing programs have officially started their studies in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Myllypuro campus. Here’s how everything went!

Students in Myllypuro campus
Students in Myllypuro campus

Metropolia university of applied sciences

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences is the largest UAS in Finland, with four campuses in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The institution offers an international environment and a wide selection of degree programs, with 11 out of the 68 being taught entirely in English. In fact, this is the most popular university of Applied Sciences in Finland if we are to look at numbers. There are currently 16,500 students and 1000 staff at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.


Karamalmi campus is located in Espoo, a 30-minute commute away from Helsinki Railway station. Karamalmi campus opened in 2019 and focuses on ICT studies. It’s dubbed the named, ‘’Developer Campus for Smart Solutions’’.

Arabia campus is a Culture campus, where you can study culture and arts, fashion, film or music. Arabia campus is located in Helsinki, just a 20-minute bus ride away from the Helsinki railway station!

Myyrmäki campus is located in Vantaa, 20-minute train ride away from Helsinki railway station. In Myyrmäki campus is the home of International Business and Industrial Technology programs. An extension to the campus was finalized in 2018, doubling the size of the campus!

Myllypuro campus is located in eastern Helsinki, just a 20-minute metro ride away from Helsinki railway station. The whole new campus was finally opened in January 2020. Myllypuro campus is the largest of the Metropolia UAS campuses as it holds 6000 students and 500 employees! Myllypuro campus is the home of Health Care and Engineering programs. 

Nursing top-up groups start

Our Nursing Top-up group already started their studies online in the beginning of March. Some students came to Finland already and they had time to adjust while studying remotely. The Edunation team met with these students last March to get to know them better and ask how they feel about Finland so far. 

‘’Coming to study in Finland is the best decision I have made in my life’’ -Eric, Philippines

On Tuesday 12th April, we met all the Nursing Top-up students yet again, but on campus this time, to talk about their studies and life in Finland. All of the students were very excited – and as were we! The team was also very impressed with how well the students already had learned the Finnish language. This just shows how hardworking and eager they truly are in beginning the next chapter of their in the happiest country in the world.

full-time nursing groups start on 19th april

We had also met with some of our Full-Time Nursing students before the start of their degree studies at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. We wanted to get to know them a bit better and give them an opportunity to ask us questions, if they had any. 

The Full-Time Nursing students started their studies on 19th April at 9 AM at the Myllypuro campus. During the first opening hour, we gave an introduction round to the students on campus and online. Afterward, the Edunation team gave a presentation about what we do, Finland, and of course, the nursing program. Metropolia then continued to provide details about the university and the studies in practice. The university also gifted the students with their own ‘’Metropolia’’ backpacks!

Students at Myllypuro rooftop cafeteria
Students at Myllypuro rooftop cafeteria

Campus tour

After the first opening hour, the Metropolia tutor teacher gave the students a campus tour. To start off, we had a quick coffee break in the 6th-floor cafeteria, which has the most amazing view! We were all amazed by it, as well of the sunny weather. After the break, we continued the tour. The tutor teacher showed us the practical learning spaces, where the students would be learning in action. There are many learning spaces with high-tech equipment as the Myllypuro campus is almost brand new. Some examples were the Midwifery room, Intensive Care Unit room, and Operating room, to name a few.

The students were amazed by the innovative learning spaces – and again, so were we! These premises gave the student a lot of motivation as they would be studying in practice very soon!

After the campus tour, tutor teacher took the students to student services, where they could do paperwork. Afterwards, the students headed to lunch – the cafeteria offers a variety of choices for affordable prices for students! For the rest of the day, students had practical information sessions with tutor teacher and student tutors. 

Students at Myllypuro Midwifery learning space
Students at Myllypuro Midwifery learning space

‘’We are excited to start this new journey here in Finland!’’ -Joshua and Chres, Philippines

We are so happy to welcome these students to Finland and be there to support them during this exciting journey! 

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