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Edunation’s Biggest and Most Successful Pathway Orientation Week!

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Welcoming 279 students to the Pathway to Finland Program for the orientation week was a milestone for Edunation – Finland’s leading pathway studies provider!

With hundreds of students who have successfully fulfilled their ’study abroad’ dreams, Edunation is very proud to participate in our student’s success stories in finally arriving and starting a life in the happiest country in the world!

Our team specifically put maximum effort into preparing for this semester’s intake. From the application stage to the start of classes, we provided high-quality services to assist the students in starting the pathway program.

First day of orientation week

The orientation week ran from the 30th of January to the 3rd of February, 2023. Over 280 participants attended on the first day. It shows how excited and motivated they are to start their studies!

Our Program Manager Keezzia Catayoc hosted this informative and exciting orientation week. The students were also honored to meet our President and CEO, Tuomas Kauppinen. They were warmly welcomed with information about the company and their studies. Setting of expectations and a deeper understanding of the program was also present in the introductory session.

Everyone was eager to learn!

Claned was introduced on the second day!

The second day was all about introducing the learning methods of the program and training on the platform, Claned. It was an exciting session where student learned practicalities and other essential techniques.

Claned certainly plays a vital part in the studies. It it will serve as the virtual school for the students and the teachers. Study materials will all be provided to the students through Claned. The submission of assignments will also be through the said platform. They must have a clear understanding and skills in using the platform for a smooth flow.

We felt everyone’s excitement to start their goal of studying abroad!

Fun and interactive third day!

The third day of the orientation week is more relaxed. There has been a lot of information in the past few days, so the team designed this day to be more interactive and fun!

Fun-filled activities were present in the meeting, like playing online interactive games via Kahoot and going to breakout rooms to share their thoughts and opinions about Finland and feelings about starting their pathways studies. It has been a successful activity where students practiced their social skills and became more familiar with the technicalities in zoom as a preparation for their online classes.

Fourth day: Introducing educational programs and study practicalities

We continued the fourth day to learn more detailed information regarding the courses and study practicalities. Students must understand the pathway studies and courses they need to take to complete the program and progress to their dream university in Finland.

The study practicalities of the Pathway to Finland program are generally based from the Finnish University techniques. It is patterned to familiarize students for future life in Finland and gain sufficient knowledge and skills to give them an advantage as they start their university studies.

Fifth day: Progression and resident permit application

On the last day of the orientation week, students learned the process for progression in a Finnish university and details regarding the resident permit. Edunation prepared a very informative presentation that is helpful when they start their application after their pathway studies. Also, during the session, many questions were raised and clarified. It ended successfully, and students were excited to start their classes next week.

According to feedback survey forms from the students, the overall satisfaction rate was 4.7 out of 5! Everyone certainly has their favorite part of the orientation, and 86 percent of the respondents expressed that just the right amount of information was provided. Most of them put in a very high effort and are generally excited and motivated to start their classes!

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To sum it up

We are passionate about helping your dream of studying in Finland! Book a free counseling session, and let us assist your life-changing journey to the happiest country in the world! Our professional and dedicated team will guide you every step of the way!

Additionally, we offer Finnish language courses online to help your study goals in the country. You will undoubtedly learn essential and industry-specific words after completing the classes!

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