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Pathway Diploma has started!

Edunation Pathway Diploma of March 2021 has officially begun! Students are now studying courses, and they will get GUARANTEED ADMISSION to our partner universities.

What is Pathway?

The Pathway Diploma program is a chance to study in preparation for university. Therefore, students are learning and gaining new knowledge and skills before being admitted to a Finnish university. Furthermore, the Pathway Diploma provides many benefits. The process of applying to university is made easy. For example, there are no additional entrance exams or interviews!

University student study online

Pathway courses

The Pathway Diploma program started on Monday 15th March. The Pathway Diploma of 2021 has kicked off, so everyone is really excited and ready to begin the course!

Cover page in Claned of orientation to academic studies for Pathway program
The learning platform for students

Students are accessing their courses online! Teachers are organizing the lectures online via Zoom. Students are taking part in different courses. There are many courses, such as English, mathematics, and academic skills.

Fully online course

If students have questions and want more help, they can send a message on the learning platform. Therefore, it is very easy and effective! Also, the studying is very flexible. There are lessons with other students and teachers. However, you can find the study materials online. In the first week, students met their course teachers and student tutors who will help them.

Interested in applying?

Are you interested in starting your studies in Finland in 2022? You can already apply to Pathway Diploma program of September 2021! Fill in the application here!

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Table of Contents