Pathway student testimonial: Harshita N and her inspiring journey towards Metropolia University of Applied Science

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We sat down with our Pathway student Harshita N to discuss her experience with the Pathway program. Harshita is from India and studies business. She has completed her Pathway studies and received an offer to study at her chosen university, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

Pathway student Harshita now studies at Metropolia
Harshita received an offer from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences!

Why do many International students choose the PATHWAY TO FINLAND program of Edunation?

Edunation’s Pathway to Finland program effectively helps you prepare for higher education studies and reach the skill level needed for university admission. After completing the program, you will certainly be eligible to progress to degree studies at one of our partner universities in Finland! 

Harshita’s search for the perfect partner for her higher education goals 

Harshita knew she wanted to study abroad and searched for information online. Germany was her first choice. Unfortunately, she quickly realized how difficult the process was going to be. 

In addition, she needed help finding university courses in English. Harshita decided to broaden her search to nearby countries. She found a Youtube channel that mentioned Edunation. Harshita got interested and messaged Edunation, then her journey started!

Every pathway student will love the Finnish nature
Every pathway student will love Finnish nature!

WHY did she Choose FINLAND?

There are many positive reasons to study in Finland, and Harshita lists a couple of things that interested her in learning higher education in the happiest country in the world.

“It is quite affordable. [Finland] was named the happiest country in the world. The people are good, and they prefer cooperation instead of competition. Compared to other countries, the application process with Edunation was easy.”

“I also found the country pretty interesting. Compared to India, the quality of education is pretty good. It is very manageable; it is pretty easy even if you want to do something on the side with the studies.

Relaxing sunset in the happiest country in the world!

How did you first feel when you started the program?

At first, Harshita had mixed emotions.

“I wanted to complete the pathway program succesfully. After the orientation week, it felt pretty easy. I felt that I had made the right decision joining the Pathway program. Because of the teachers and staff, it was very easy for me.”

Pathway students will truly learn a lot from our Pathway program!

What has been your favorite thing about the program?

Pathway to Finland program offers students a great starting point for university studies. Harshita believes that this is the best part of the program. Pathway students also study the same subjects taught in their progression universities. Therefore, even before the actual studies begin, they already have helpful knowledge about their studies.

how would you describe your overall experience?

For Harshita, the experience as a pathway student has been good. She recalls receiving a lot of assistance throughout the application and residence permit processes.

“Whenever I texted [Edunation] through Whatsapp or email, there was always an excellent response.”



Overall, Harshita didn’t find the program challenging. At times, the assignments felt a bit overwhelming. During the Pathway orientation, the students were told that sometimes this might happen. Thus, Harshita felt prepared.

Once, she and her fellow students approached their teacher and asked for extra time to complete their assignments. Harshita mentions that the teacher was understanding and gave them more time.

what are you hoping to experience in Finland?

“I do want to complete my studies and get good marks. Enjoying whatever I am doing. Hopefully to find new friends and complete studies peacefully. I haven’t experiences snow so I am excited about that but I have heard that it is pretty harsh.”


Harshita has prepared for the cold winter; she has already purchased some warm clothing. She mentions being excited about the Christmas celebrations as well. During the Christmas season, Finns enjoy “Pikkujoulu” or Little Christmas.  It is celebrated with friends and co-workers on the 24th of December.

Breathtaking view of winter in Finland!


“Taking up Pathway program is a very good decision we will make, because the process becomes a lot easier, and we will get lot of advice from Edunation’s side as well. For me, I did not go to any agency for my residence permit but I followed the advice given by Edunation. That is pretty good, I would suggest taking up the Pathway program rather than following the others.”


Wrapping it up

Edunation’s Pathway program is undoubtedly a life-changing experience. Aside from providing international students with the best program that guarantees admission to top Finnish universities, global learners will surely enjoy endless possibilities while living in Finland.

Harshita’s Pathway student testimonial is one of many inspiring stories in our blog section. Feel free to read more motivating articles that will certainly introduce you to Finland- the best country where you will reach your higher education goals!

We offer Finland Arrival Packages for international students to make your journey easier. Now, arriving in the country will be a smooth and relaxing experience!   

Book a counseling session now, and let us help you start your application in the happiest country in the world!

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