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Pathway student, Kira

Kira Pekshieva is currently studying nursing in our Pathway to Finland program. She studies online and works full-time alongside her studies. After completing the program, she will continue to degree studies at the Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. We interviewed her about her experience with the Pathway to Finland program, and this is what she had to say.

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Pathway to Finland

Our Pathway to Finland program helps you prepare for higher education studies and reach the skill level needed for university admission. After the program, you will have guaranteed admission to degree studies at one of our partner universities in Finland!

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The application process

Kira knew she wanted to study in Finland and started her journey by searching for information online. Eventually, she found Edunation’s website and read about the Pathway to Finland program. She realized that the program would be a great way to prepare for her studies in Finland. Kira then decided to book a counseling session with Edunation.

Kira had a lot of questions about the studies and the application process. She wanted to know what kind of experience was needed for the program. She was happy to hear that she did not need any nursing experience to apply.

Kira was also curious about the teaching schedule, as she would be working full-time while studying. Luckily, the schedule is quite flexible. Lecture recordings are available at our online learning site Claned. Here you can also find all your course assignments. The online learning platform helped Kira to study independently while working.

At first, Kira tried to contact Finnish universities by herself. She recalls that this was quite difficult and a lot of effort. Sometimes she would get answers, and sometimes not. In her opinion, Edunation had been helpful in this process. After contacting Edunation, Kira felt that people here really and genuinely wanted to help her. She felt welcomed from the beginning.

Why Finland?

Kira lives on the border of Finland, in Karelia. Therefore, she is already quite comfortable with the Finnish climate and culture. She has visited Finland many times and loves the country. Generally, the Scandinavian culture interests her.

“Why not experience living in the world’s happiest country?”

Kira Peksieva

Kira adds that Finland is well known for its excellent education systems. In Kira’s opinion, one should have a healthy balance between studying and free time. She wants to get a good degree and become a professional in her field. However, she does not want to burn out while trying to achieve her goals. She believes that such a healthy balance exists within the Finnish educational system. For these reasons, Kira is eager to study in Finland.

After finishing the Pathway to Finland program, Kira will be sure to get into the Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. She chose this university because of its location. It is relatively close to Tampere, which is a city Kira likes.

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Lake in Finland

Studying in the Pathway TO FINLAND program

Kira hasn’t had any serious problems while studying online. Sometimes the internet connection can be bad, but mostly everything has been going smoothly.

Our Pathway teachers use a variety of learning styles, such as group work, independent studying, peer reviews, and essay writing. Kira appreciates the variety and thinks that the different teaching techniques are good for learning. She mentions a couple of different exercises that she finds particularly useful, such as learning diaries.

In addition, our Pathway courses include discussions about the Finnish educational system and the different universities. Before the Pathway to Finland program, Kira didn’t understand the difference between Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland. She had also come across some incorrect information about the Master’s degrees online. After her Pathway lectures, this information was corrected and she felt a lot more informed about the educational system in Finland.

Excited to live in Finland

Kira describes herself as a winter person. Therefore, she is excited to take up skiing and other winter sports when she arrives in Finland. In general, she hopes to immerse herself in the Finnish culture. She wants to learn about Finnish music, movies, and books. Her goal is to read books in Finnish and eventually do her Master’s degree in Finnish.

I am excited to be surrounded by people from different cultures, because it changes the way you look and think about the world. “

Kira Pekshieva
frozen lake in Finland

Kira’s message to anyone considering the pathway program

Without hesitation, you should apply, because you will not feel alone anymore.

Kira Pekshieva

Kira did not know anyone who studied in Finland and searching for information by herself was difficult.

At Edunation, you get information and at the same time, emotional support as well. This is great that there are people who know Finland, like Finnish people, you get first-hand information without searching through the internet. For me, it is so nice to feel that you are not alone; you meet other students online, you communicate with them. Already you have kind of friends you know you are going to study with.”

Kira Pekshieva

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