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Pathway Student Testimonial: Anupama De Silva

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Anupama, Business track student

In this article, we interview one of our Pathway students Anupama De Silva! Currently living in Sri Lanka, she is taking up the Business track in our Pathway to Finland program. Once she completes her Pathway studies, she’ll certainly have guaranteed admission to her chosen university, the Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. Read on to learn more about her study journey so far!

Why Pathway to Finland?

Pathway to Finland program specifically helps you prepare for higher education studies and reach the skill level needed for university admission. After completing the program, you will certainly be eligible to progress to degree studies at one of our partner universities in Finland! Read more about the Pathway to Finland here.

Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, Anupama’s chosen University

finding pathway to finland

When deciding which pathway program to join, Anupama took many factors into account. She looked at the quality of the program, the curriculum, the teachers, and the testimonials of past students. After much deliberation, she decided that Edunation’s Pathway to Finland Program was the best option for her. It was the perfect foundation program that would greatly prepare her for higher studies in Finland.

On top of that, the assurance of a slot in her chosen university made it all the more interesting!

How did you first feel when you started the pathway program?

“I felt both nervous and excited. In the orientation, we were explained what is going to happen; what and how we will study. They explained how Edunation will help us, and everything was well explained.”

Edunation holds an online orientation led by our Program and Pathway Specialists at the beginning of the program to explain all the program details to all the students. This assistance is consistent throughout the program’s entire duration to help students stay on track and succeed.

“Now I feel very comfortable, and at the same time very responsible to do my assignments and to finish the courses on time.”

Pori, Finland

“The Pathway program has been great for me. I think by following the Pathway program, I am on the correct track. I have gained the [right] knowledge which will be a great help for [my studies].”

What has been the most difficult part of your studies?

“Subjects such as mathematics and economics are difficult for me. But as the lecturer provides us with the correct knowledge, guidance, relevant homework and assignments have made me understand the subjects in depth. “

The Pathway to Finland program uses the interactive digital learning platform Claned to manage the more difficult subjects. Claned is an online learning tool, where students can find lecture recordings and course assignments to go back to later on.

“What I do is, I refer all the material which are published on Claned. I never fail to follow them and always refer before the class and even after the class. I catch up on these subjects and have gotten good scores.”

What has been the best part about studying in the Pathway to Finland program?

“I really like [how they used] Claned [in the] program. It is my first time using Claned. At first, I thought it would be a terrible experience for me. But it wasn’t. [The platform] was very user friendly, very efficient and very helpful. ”

Overall, Anupama finds the program and the subjects very interesting.

“Starting from the beginning, we got the correct assistance.”

forest in Finland

What advice would you give to future participants of the program?

“ I will recommend the Pathway program fully because I feel it is the best preparatory course. We are about to come to a new country and trying to get adjusted to a new culture. It will give anybody a good startup.”

“ I am so excited to come to Finland. It is something like a dream come true. I am eagerly waiting to be there and meet all these interesting people and to gain knowledge.”

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