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Reasons to live in Finland: Why many families and students are migrating to the country

There are many positive and exciting reasons to live in Finland. Aside from consistently ranking first as the world’s happiest country, there are many factors why different nationalities prefer the country. 

As of 2021, more than 36,000 people have moved to live permanently in Finland. Also, 20,000 international students are taking up higher education in the region. The number for both is equally growing as Finland continues to be a nation worth admiring. 

Today, let’s understand the country’s charm. We will discover why immigrants and students choose Finland. Let us learn the top reasons to live in Finland!

A brief introduction to Finland

Finland is in Northern Europe. It holds magnificent landscapes, with two-thirds covered with forests and lakes. There are 41 national parks with stunning bodies of water and a beautiful coastline. The country also has the world’s largest archipelago and is home to Europe’s largest lake district.

Finland’s six most prominent cities are Helsinki, Espoo, Tampere, Turku, Vantaa, and Oulu. All equally offer modern facilities meant to make the lives of the Finnish people the best.

In addition, picturesque towns introduce another side of this country that you will surely appreciate.Families living in big villages in forests receive the same benefits as areas in the city in terms of healthcare, education, daycare, and more. Everyone is happy in Finland!

Reasons to live in Finland

Now that you are familiar with the country’s natural charm and innovative cities let us learn the reasons to live in Finland. We collected some facts that Finns (and you can soon) enjoy!

1. Free education for all

The Finnish people have access to free education.  Primary level up to doctoral studies at universities is free of charge. This privilege comes from the goal of providing an equal opportunity for the best education regardless of a family’s income. The country also wants its people to be active and participate in the growth of their nation.   

In addition, Finnish law has other benefits. Preschool, elementary, upper secondary, and vocational elementary school students enjoy a free school meal. These rights create an ideal learning environment where a student can definitely focus and produce good grades.

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Why study abroad in Finland?

Teachers in Finland are highly efficient and passionate about providing the best education for their students!

2. The best teachers are in the country

Aside from free-of-charge learning, one of the best reasons to live in Finland is that it has the best teachers in the world. All comprehensive school instructors must have a master’s degree. Those who teach grades one to six have broad educational backgrounds in pedagogy. On the other hand, teachers for grades nine to seven are masters in the subjects they handle.

Additionally, Finland has acclaimed universities. The country offers traditional universities and universities of Applied Sciences. Teachers in research universities are actual researchers with years of credible experience. On the other hand, professors at universities of applied sciences have extensive masteries in their fields.

Finland is the number one country when it comes to higher learning. The difference in teaching methods may surprise international learners, so going through a Pathway to Finland program is highly advisable to prepare and succeed in their studies.

3. Salaries are high

Finland has one of the world’s most substantial economies. The country never stops progressing and aims to provide more for its citizens. With that, Finland offers one of the highest average salaries in the world. A good monthly salary in the nation starts from 2,600 Euros after tax. This amount allows a person to live comfortably in the region.  

According to Wage Centre, these are the top five average salaries in Finland by sector of Economy:

IndustryPay per hour
Information and communications25 Euros
Electricity, steam, and air conditioning23.82 Euros
Financial and insurance activities22.04 Euros
Professional, technical and scientific activities21.91 Euros
Education21.28 Euros
Workers are well-compensated in Finland!

On the other hand, international students can also work in Finland. They are allowed 30 hrs per week and can earn eight to 12 Euros per hour, depending on their chosen industry.

4. All-natural and clean food for everyone to enjoy

Finland is home to the safest, purest, and healthiest food. The nation is passionate about protecting its natural resources, and in return, they enjoy bountiful organic products such as mushrooms, berries, and more.

In addition, one of the best reasons to live in Finland is the guaranteed food supply. The country ranks first worldwide for food security. This privilege means living in Finland allows you to enjoy the healthiest food in the world while securing that you have a stable supply. 

5. The water is the purest and cleanest in the world

Finland is undoubtedly proud of its 188,000 lakes that provide the cleanest water in the world. The country reassures its purity by filtering the water multiple times to ensure it is generally free from contaminants. 

One of the country’s primary water resources, Lake Päijänne, provides clean water that you can drink straight from the source. Because of overall cleanliness, water from Finland is exported for everyone to enjoy.

6. Finnish people have a 100% literacy rate

As Finland believes explicitly in investing in human capital, the nation has a 100% literacy rate. This perfect rate stems from the government’s effort to free education. The Finnish people are global citizens capable of contributing to everyone’s overall welfare.   

Finland’s contribution to the world has immensely changed the way we live. The country’s innovation ranges from health, such as the heart rate monitor, to the internet browser produced by four Finnish students and more.

Additionally, expect a civilized and pleasant society once you are in Finland. You can anticipate informative chats with the locals and learn new ideas.

reasons to live in Finland
Families in Finland enjoy the best quality of life globally!

7. Safe and secure environment for your family

Finland is the best country to raise a family. It generally received high ratings in caring for human rights, being a family-friendly environment, best for gender equality, and more positive factors.

In addition, one of the top reasons to live in Finland is their quality of life is acclaimed worldwide. It received perfect scores among 85 countries from a survey of 17,000 citizens globally.

Furthermore, Finland has had the lowest crime rate compared to other countries. During recent years, less than 5% of its population experienced violent offenses. The majority of recorded crimes are property and traffic misdemeanors.

8. Best country for expecting parents

Having a baby is certainly a blessing, and the Finland government values the precious moment. The country ranks first as the country with the best parental laws. It equally gives parental leaves of 164 days to both parents. 

Additionally, the county provides an allowance for parental leave. It starts with a minimum of 30 Euros per day, depending on the income. One parent, usually the mother, can stay home until the baby turns a bit over one-year-old.

Expecting families can also apply for the world-famous “baby box.” It contains well-being items such as blankets, baby clothes, mattresses, and more! The box can also be converted into a bed for the infant.

Single parents will also enjoy these privileges as they can get parental assistance meant for both parents.

9. Top nation for a same-sex couple

Finland certainly believes in equality, which is why it ranks in the top two LGBTQ-friendly countries in the world. The rules for the LGBTQ community are equally ideal and advanced.

Some laws include approving same-sex marriage in 2017, IVF accessibility for lesbian couples, and more. Additionally, Finland accepts joint adoption for same-sex couples

10. Women are top citizens in the country

According to a recent survey, Finland is the best country for women. The nation successfully got almost perfect scores regarding gender equality, overall security, legislative opportunity, equality in income, human rights, empowerment, years of education, inclusion in the community, and more. 

Additionally, one of the best reasons to live in Finland is it provides the most opportunities for women globally.  The nation has been a pioneer in granting women to join as a member of parliament since 1906.

The country’s current Prime Minister is Sanna Marin. In 2019, she became the world’s youngest Prime Minister at 34. She focuses on environmental concerns, parental leaves, LGBTQ issues, and more.

11. Finnish architecture is inspiring

Aside from being blessed with a breathtaking environment, one of the top reasons to live in Finland is the masterful architectural buildings created by world-class Finnish artists.

Some great examples are the Fortress of Suomenlinna, Finlandia Hall, the Lutheran Chapel of Silence, and the Design Museum and Museum of Finnish Architecture.

Finnish people take pride in these marvels and will gladly introduce them to you. Imagine being surrounded by these celebrated structures that will certainly take your breath away.

reasons to live in Finland
Finland provides its citizen with the best medical, health, and social services in the world!

12. One of the most outstanding healthcare systems worldwide

Finland has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. Municipalities in the country are generally in charge of financing and organizing healthcare. They equally provide adequate medical, health, and social services. 

The country’s health services consist of primary healthcare and specialized medical care. Primary healthcare services are given at municipal health centers, while specialized medical care happens at hospitals.

In addition, there is also private healthcare in the nation. Companies, practitioners, foundations, and organizations provide this privilege.

13. Nature surrounds Finland, and its people protect it diligently

Nature lovers will undoubtedly love Finland as it offers vast landscapes and clean bodies of water. The government and its people ensure that it will remain vibrant for everyone to enjoy. With that, Finland ranks as one of the countries that care deeply for its environment.

In addition, the country plans to reach carbon neutrality in 2035. Soon after, it aims to reduce carbon emissions by 90% in 2050.

Carbon emissions come from deforestation, cement production, and burning fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas, and coal. It causes global warming and climate change, destroying the world.

14. One of the best public transportation globally

Helsinki, Finland’s capital, offers one of the most efficient public transportations in the world. Train or bus provides public transportation. You can go to neighboring areas fast and easily using a well-developed transportation system. 

VR Matkalla, or VR, handles the train system in the country. Buying a ticket is accessible through their website or in the app using your mobile phone. You can also physically purchase a ticket using a vending machine or ticket point in a railway station.

On the other hand, different companies manage buses in the country. Pensioners, children, students, and conscripts in the military and civil service have discounts on tickets for buses and trains.

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Finland traffic congestion is low
Finland has one of the lowest traffic congestions in the world!

15. Low road congestion

Road or traffic congestion is a challenge anywhere in the world. The primary causes are accidents, traffic overload, road maintenance, many pedestrians, and more.

Fortunately, significant areas in Finland have low road congestion. In 2021, traffic congestion in Helsinki was only 16%, while Tampere and Turku recorded 15% and 19%, respectively. 

Their well-organized and efficient traffic system is due to their skillful planning. Aside from public and private transportation, the Finnish people love walking and riding bicycles, which reduced their use of cars. The government also imposed stricter rules, such as a maximum road speed of 40 km/h limit on urban streets.

to wrap things up

More global changes will undoubtedly happen, but the happiest country is ready to ensure its citizens will always keep their warm smiles! Expect more reasons to live in Finland, as the nation is an unstoppable force in maintaining its status! Go Finland!

Are you planning to live and study in Finland? Let us help you! Book free counseling today, and we will assist with your concerns!

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