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Registration for Finnish Language courses is open – registration period extension!

The registration for Finnish language courses is now open! Edunation offers two beginners’ courses in Finnish in Fall 2021: Enter Finland (13.9.–29.10.2021) and Live Finland (1.11.–17.12.2021). Both study courses are delivered through our interactive online learning platform, where you can access all study materials, work on assignments, and interact with other students. We also organize weekly live classes!

Click here to download our brochure for Finnish language courses to learn more!

How to Sign up

Students can register for Finnish courses by filling this form.

Deadline for registration has been extended until 12th of September!

Enter Finland – Finnish Language course 1

Introductory course for students with no prior Finnish knowledge. During the course, students will learn basic Finnish, used in everyday situations. The course will also introduce students to the Finnish culture and way of life. After completing the course, the student is expected to have reached the A1.1 level (CEFR).The course is organized on the Claned platform. There will be one 90 min Zoom class per week, organized on Wednesdays at 12–13.30 Finland time

  • Course duration: 7 weeks (13.9.–29.10.)
  • Price: 195 €
  • Extent: 5 ECTS
  • Sign up by: 12.9.2021
  • Pay by: 6.9.2021

Live Finland – Finnish Language course 2

This course will help students further develop their basic Finnish language skills after completing the Enter Finland course. During the course, students will expand their vocabulary and learn to manage communication situations in Finnish, in both written and spoken form. After completing the course, the student is expected to have reached the A1.2/ A1.3 level (CEFR).

  • Course duration: 7 weeks (1.11.–17.12.)
  • Price: 195 €
  • Extent: 5 ECTS
  • Prerequisite: Enter Finland (or other prior studies in Finnish)
  • Sign up by: 18.10.2021
  • Pay by: 25.10.2021

Start your Finnish language studies now with Edunation’s Finnish language courses to prepare for your studies in Finland!

For international students it is recommended to learn some of the most important Finnish words and phrases already before coming to Finland. While the majority of Finns speak English, in some situations it is easier to get your point across if you are able to communicate in Finnish. It’s also easier to find work in Finland if you know the basics. Sign up for Finnish language courses now!

Table of Contents