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Russian Student in Finland: Excellent Education, Clean Environment and Kind People

Irina Timofeeva, from Russia is studying International Business. She’s currently working as a Marketing and Administrative Intern at Edunation Headquarters office in Tampere, Finland.

I love how Finnish cities combine both nature and convenience of a modern city.

Why do you think Millennial’s are choosing Finland?

In my opinion, people choose Finland because it’s known to be a country with good social care, high quality education, clean environment and kind people. Finland welcomes other nationalities and encourages them to settle down in the country. In case with Russia, Finland is the closest European country, so many Russians get familiar with Finland at a very early stage in their lives. Moreover, they tend to travel to the country quite often.

Describe Finland’s culture and similarities to your home country

Russians think of Finland as a country that cares about its citizens and places high their well being. In my opinion, Russians as well as many other nationalities move to Finland to pursue a better life. I hope that everyone who makes their way abroad takes that step seriously because how positive the outcome is depends on their own actions.

What are your activities during your free time – on campus, work and within the vicinity?

I love how Finnish cities combine both nature and convenience of a modern city! Nature is always surrounding you when you’re in Finland. The best way to emerge into that is to walk around the city. That’s what I like to do a lot and during that time I enjoy the views around me and clear my mind (especially during the winter cold. 😉 I like taking a lot of pictures of the streets.

Usually I use Facebook to search for activities that take place in my city. When I lived in Joensuu I liked participating in a singing club, and also studied Korean organized by Korean exchange students.

I’ve moved to Tampere about a month ago and I absolutely love discovering new things here! I try to go out as much as I can and just walk around the city, without a certain plan in mind, just stumbling across new and exciting places!

Are you happy in Finland?

In my opinion, that is a very important question that we should ask ourselves: are we happy where we are at the moment? When I think of it, there is one word that comes to my mind – harmony. I think something that determines my level of happiness is whether I feel that inner peace. Finland has given me the opportunity to be in harmony with my own self, with nature, with the surroundings. While being in Finland I’m getting rid of unnecessary rush, worries or toxicity. I’ve started to appreciate the present and care less about things that are out of my control. I’m getting new opportunities to develop on a professional level and growing as a better person day by day! With that being said, yes, I’m happy in Finland.

What mobile apps can you suggest for foreign students in Finland for productivity, travel and money management?

Forest is a productivity app that helps people beat their phone addiction and managetheir time in an interesting and pleasant way.

Google Maps is my savior in everyday situations. Especially if you’re not familiar with the city. Google Maps help a lot! Instagram shouldn’t probably be on this list because it’s the app that kills the most timeand productivity in our lives. However, you can turn the app into a beneficial platform for you. You can start writing about your everyday life on your profile and add beautifulpictures. By doing it, you’ll learn more about content creation, marketing, photography and many new things! Aurora Forecast is a nice app to have if you life in Finland. I’ve been living in Finland forabout 3.5 years and I’ve missed every time there was an aurora outside. So, if you wantto enjoy aurora lights, get some app that tells you when is the perfect time for that!

Some other apps: local bus app,, airbnb, outlook and papago.

How do you balance work and studying?

Currently I’m having an internship at Edunation and I’m still a student at Karelia UAS. However, in my case I’m able to focus only on my internship during this period. Therefore, I allocate all my time and attention into implementing the gathered knowledge at the workplace. But I know there are people who have to combine working and studying at the same time. In my opinion in order to do that, you need to have very good time management skills and prioritize your tasks. At the same time, it’s a valuable practice for your future working life. If a job you get relates to the subject you’re studying, you’ll gain double competence and experience.

Outdoor view, city with parked cars

Best suitable eats in Tampere?

The best burger place: Naughty BRGR (Aleksanterinkatu 29, Tampere). The most delicious burger I’ve ever tried in my life!

Sushi place: Itsudemo (Hallituskatu 20, Tampere) Buffets are a blessing in Finland!

Pizzeria Napoli is for pizza lovers! The place is quite packed if you come in the evening, so plan ahead. 😉

Tampereen Vohvelikahvila (Ojakatu 2, Tampere) is a cafe where you need to go if you’re craving some waffles!

I love local food and I’m the happiest person whenever I come across an open air food market. I highly suggest you having lunch at one of the tents once you see them!

Traditional Finnish meal
Truly delicious meal with salmon! ^_^

One student advice on paying for study in Finland

You should understand your finances before applying to university. Ask yourself: what is your family’s financial situation? Can you afford the expenses that come with you while studying abroad? You need to be sure that you can pay off all fees and support your living throughout the whole study duration.

You can earn some money working prior to study, or also you can try to find a suitable part time job once you’re in Finland. But remember, that even would be hardly enough to become your pocket money. The biggest amount comes from your family budget and you should be sure that you can afford that.

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Table of Contents