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Salary in Finland: A complete guide on Finnish wages, valuable salary increases, exciting employee benefits, and more!

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The salary in Finland is one of the most satisfying among all European nations. Aside from effectively covering various expenses in the country, the salary in Finland surely promotes a high quality of life.

Let us introduce the salary in Finland first through the cost of living in the country.

We also made tables for the salary in Finland per profession plus the average increase in pay in Finland per industry.

In addition, you will also understand aspects that influence wages in the country and the benefits employees receive.

Salary in Finland and the cost of living

Before learning about the salary in Finland, it is essential to understand first the expenses in the country for effective budgeting.

The country’s average living expenses generally range from 600 to 900 EUR monthly. The city you choose to live in also dramatically influences the cost. If you prefer Helsinki, expect higher prices.

To learn in detail, refer to the table below:


Bread1.92 EUR
Local cheese3.48 EUR
Bottle of water1.44 EUR
Milk.93 EUR
Eggs2.20 EUR
One kg of boneless chicken9.08 EUR
One kg of apples2.17 EUR
One kg of bananas1.65 EUR
One kg of oranges2.07 EUR
One kg of tomatoes3.04 EUR
One kg of potatoes.97 EUR
One kg of onions1.44 EUR

Moreover, the country specifically offers reasonably priced items that complement the salary in Finland. It has numerous groceries providing fresh produce, such as LDL, K-Citymarket, Prisma, S-market, Sale, or Alepa.


Transportation expenses are generally determined based on your location in the country. Public transportation can be more expensive in the Helsinki metropolitan area. You can, however, take commuter trains, buses, or trams.

A 30-day pass costs between 38 and 65 EUR every month. It also depends on how many zones (A, B, C, D) you must travel through in the city.


Finland has four distinct seasons. As the seasons change, it is always best to generally prepare ahead. In case you need to upgrade your clothing, here are the prices of some items that complement the salary in Finland:

Jeans79.87 EUR
Dress38.95 EUR
Running shoes74.50 EUR
Leather shoes106.91 EUR

To learn more about other prices and check if they can sustain your salary in Finland, read our blog about the living costs in the country.

Finland offers an average income considered one of the best among European countries!

The average salary in Finland

The country’s average income is above the European standard, amounting to approximately 45,684 EUR yearly, or 3,807 EUR per month. Generally, after all the required deductions set by the government, an employee, more or less, has 2,600 EUR.

Furthermore, Finns in the private sector earn around 3,903 EUR, while those in the central government receive 4,265 EUR. Finally, workers at the local level earn 3,397 EUR.

The following tables show the monthly and hourly earnings of different professions and specializations:

Salary in Finland by occupation per month

Operators of machines2,660 EUR to 2,997 EUR
Clerical workers2,680 EUR to 2,843 EUR
Elementary and preschool teachers3,006 EUR to 3,090 EUR
Nursing and midwifery assistants3,032 EUR to 3,351 EUR
Sales agents/brokers3,537 EUR to 4,204 EUR
Administrative and business managers6,377 EUR to 7,330 EUR
Doctors7,015 EUR to 7,253 EUR

Salary in Finland based on specialization per hour (COURTESY OF STATISTICS FINLAND)

Administrative and support services13.59 EUR
Accommodation and food13.96 EUR
Agriculture, forestry, and fishing15.76 EUR
Wholesale and retail trade15.94 EUR
Arts, entertainment, and recreation16.08 EUR
Health care and social work16.12 EUR
Transportation and storage16.89 EUR
Water, wastewater, and waste management17.84 EUR
Construction17.98 EUR
Real estate operations18.99 EUR
Manufacturing19.15 EUR
Public administration and defense20.15 EUR
Mining and quarrying20.20 EUR
Education21.28 EUR
Professional and scientific, and technical activities21.91 EUR
Financial and insurance activities22.04 EUR
Electricity, gas, steam, and air conditioning23.82 EUR
Information and communications25 EUR

The average increase in salary in Finland

Generally, employees in the country enjoy a starting rate of a 3 to 6% yearly increase, which is indeed commendable in contrast with other countries.

Workers in the junior level generally enjoy 3-5%, while those in mid-career specifically gain a 6 to 9% yearly increment.

On the other hand, senior level and top management are guaranteed a 10 to 15% and 15 to 20% increase, respectively.

Additional information about salary in Finland


The location of your employment generally influences your salary in Finland.

Working in the capital area may provide a salary of 5,010 EUR per month. On the other hand, practicing a profession in rural areas may generally give you a lesser but still reasonable wage.


Education level also plays a significant role in salary in Finland. For example, workers with a Certificate or Diploma receive 17% more compensation than those with a high school degree.

Furthermore, those with Bachelor’s degrees specifically receive 24% more than certificate or diploma holders.

Additionally, workers with a Master’s degree gain 29% more, while those with Ph. D. get 23% more than those with a Master’s education.

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Employee benefits

Aside from the commendable salary in Finland, employees will certainly enjoy the following benefits:

  • Pension
  • Social insurance
  • Sick leave
  • Maternity and paternity leave up to 158 days
  • Unemployment benefits
  • 25 days of vacation
Your salary in Finland allows you to save and enjoy a high quality of life!

Summing it up

Aside from receiving a pleasant salary in Finland, you will also enjoy high levels of work-life balance, safety, and other enticing reasons to live in the country.

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Lastly, you can learn more about Finland by visiting our Blog section.

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