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Second-Hand Stores in Finland: Student Friendly Shopping

The best way to look stylish on a budget is to try second-hand, bargain hunting, and vintage! Orlando Bloom

Shopping at second-hand stores, or “thrift shops” as they are also called, is very environmentally friendly. In Finnish, thrift stores are called “kirppis” or “kirpputori”. Moreover, it makes sense economic wise if you are a student living on a budget. Why buy everything new, when you can find it at a lower price at a second-hand store. When visiting a local thrift shop, it’s like a small adventure to hunt for “treasures”. You never know what you will find. Let’s find out what things are sold in these kind of stores!


When you have just moved to your new apartment in Finland, you are probably going to need cups and plates and pots and pans, and other essential kitchenware. Luckily, there are hundreds of things in terms of kitchenware at secondhand stores. All are in good condition and displayed beautifully. Look out for sales, sometimes you can find pretty good bargains, for example, every item is only 1 EUR. Wow, that’s cool, right?


Proper winter shoes are a must during the snowy Finnish winter months. They keep your feet warm and prevent you from slipping on icy streets. If you come from a warmer country, you probably haven’t had the need for winter shoes before. Since those can be expensive, it’s a good idea to buy them second-hand. But second-hand stores have other kinds of shoes too from canvas shoes, high-heels, sandals to flip-flops or boots and so on. Everything you need to protect your feet is here!


Over a thousand items of clothing for all four seasons in different styles – and affordably! That’s what you can find at the thrift shops. It’s important to dress for the season in Finland and thanks to second-hand stores, purchasing those new fall and winter clothes is not going to break your bank. Furthermore, some stores have also a fitting room where you can try the clothes on. I bet you will get lost browsing those unique clothes for quite some time.


Often student apartments in Finland already have some furniture ready like a bed and a table, but if your apartment comes completely unfurnished, you have some furniture shopping to do. At second-hand stores, you can find many household items to decorate your house with and to live conveniently and comfortably. From office items to bedroom stuff and so on, what a one-stop-shop!


Books are considered quite expensive if you purchase them new. Nevertheless, 2nd-handbooks are the best option for students and all book worms who want to save some money. Not only does buying second-hand help save trees, but it also minimizes landfill-waste.

Vintage CDs & antique vinyl records

If you want to expand your antique collection or you are simply a music lover longing for those good old days, this place is a paradise for you. Here, there are many old CDs and even antique records and cassette tapes for yours!

Shopping at thrift shops is definitely a wise way to save your money and your time. Besides, shopping there will help protect the environment, save resources and guides you towards a greener lifestyle! By the way, if you have stuff in a good condition that you don’t use anymore, you can donate them to the second-hand store and give them a second life.

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Table of Contents