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Student from Macau: Finland is a Unique Study Destination

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Many foreign students would like to travel around the world to experience new life. Vian from Macau is one of those who wants to try new things. Thus, she has chosen to take the exchange program in Finland. In the beginning, she was a little bit afraid but now she misses Finland already. Let’s see why she would like to come back to Finland.

These experiences are unique and nothing could replace them.

Personal development and opportunities

“I don’t want to be the same among other people. Going to other big countries are fun but not fun enough as in Finland. There are only a few experiences she could ask for before she came to Finland. Thus, it is a challenge for her but she would like to embrace the challenges and the diverse experience.” explained Vian.

Helsinki next to the sea

The food culture is different from Macau. Vian could not even find the Asian markets at the beginning but basic foods and essentials are easily accessible in Finland supermarkets. “I miss spicy food but it’s fine to live without it. This is not an excuse to stop challenging myself.” said Vian.

More than that, another challenge as a foreign student adjusting to a different country is no multi-dimensional shopping centers. Vian likes shopping but there are only a few brands and shopping centers to go. However, she can deal with it. “It is time to feel and experience different leisure activities aside from shopping. The nature in Finland is so unique and nice regular activity because there is no such thing in Macau. Thus, I can choose to go to the forest, lakes and do other sports activities to make myself healthier.” explained Vian.

Road in the middle of a forest

Life skills

Another challenge for Vian is her family members and friends are not in Finland. She felt a little bit lonely at the beginning. However, she adjusted pretty well because she met some new friends from different countries. “People I have met in Finland are quite nice because they are willing to share their stories and the most important thing is, they trust you and don’t think too much.” expressed Vian.

The biggest challenge for Vian is the weather. During her stay in Finland, the weather condition was the worst because of rain and darkness. “It was quite exhausting at times to deal with the darkness because there is no such thing in Macau. There is even no sunshine for days or even weeks in November. To be honest, I don’t like it,” told Vian. However, she tried to adjust and be more productive by doing school assignments, hanging out with friends, and having parties at home.

For Vian to live in Finland. “I live here very comfortably, I prefer living in Finland because of its opportunities, different food culture, but the weather and loneliness is quite challenging.” explained Vian. However, she still misses the days in Finland because it makes her a wise traveler and stronger person. “These experiences are unique and nothing could replace them.”

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