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Student Life in Finland: Healthier and Budget Friendly Food Choices

Whenever international students live and study abroad, one of their concerns and challenges may be food culture differences and choices. Let’s check out some options for students so they can stretch the budget and get more healthier and delicious meals!

More healthier options

Bread and salad are main dish in Finland

To us Asian, we are accustomed to eat warm or even hot food servings such as soups and spicy dishes during cold weather. e.g. Hong Kongese mostly eat noodles for their breakfast and even lunch and dinner. However, Finnish people basically eat bread and salad as their main dishes. But there are Asian markets in Finland and thus, it is easy to cook at home most of the time. You get to choose more options, and cheaper too. Add a touch of hot soup on the side. It lets you be more creative and lessen your homesick of your food at home.

healthy salad in Helsinki

Coffee or Tea? Both are delicious!

The typical drink of Finns is coffee but surprisingly, they also love tea! It is common that Finns drink two or even three cups of coffee every day. Drinking coffee is not the main culture in Hong Kong because there are more options to choose. Pearl milk tea, fruit tea, cheese tea, pearl milk and etc. are the most popular drinks in Hong Kong. For students who would love to explore new options, However, drinking milk and eating yogurt can become your new diet. It’s fun and yummy!

matcha latte and rollcake can be found in Helsinki

No gas stove but electric instead

Cooking food with fire is amazing because of the taste from the wok. Many dishes in Asia usually is cooked by work which turns the food more tastier. For example, claypot rice and fried vegetables. But students opt for more convenient food preparations since homes in Finland use electric stove instead. It’s nicer and convenient options for busy people like us.

burgers in Finland

Craving for street food?

It is a typical culture in Asia where you can eat snacks while strolling, as there are many kinds of food and drinks nearby. Fish balls, Siu Mai, three stuffed treasures, shark fin soup and so on are the most common and popular food can be found easily in Asia. In Finland, one might miss the food variations. But it’s fine after-all when you get used to the Finnish culture and their food choices are even more healthier and easy to prepare!

Fresh strawberries in a salad bowl overlooking couch

Every country is different. It is understandable that you are feeling homesick sometime. However, studying abroad helps you gain more authentic experiences. It lets you appreciate once preferences, cultural differences, different lifestyles and many more. Don’t be afraid to explore new opportunities.

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