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Nursing Graduate Bethanee (Student testimonial)

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One of Edunation’s students, Bethanee, graduated on 28thFriday. We went to meet and congratulate her on Metropolia University of Applied Sciences Myllypuro campus.

Bethanee is a registered nurse from the Philippines and she has worked as a nurse in Saudi Arabia as well, which is why she chose to study a top-up program at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences after her agent recommended Finland. After returning to the Philippines from Saudi Arabia, Bethanee applied to Edunation through an agency in 2020. Within a year of applying Bethanee joined classes via Zoom in August 2020 while still being in her home country. She felt at ease while studying from her home country the Philippines and when her Residence Permit was granted in December 2020, she did not want to leave the Philippines yet. Being a student abroad is so much different than being an employee abroad.

Edunation Filipino student Bethanee showing her degree certificate from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences' top up nursing program
Bethanee and her degree certificate

Bethanee’s Journey

When Bethanee arrived in Finland in March 2021, Edunation had arranged an arrival package service, which helped Bethanee. She thinks that it was convenient. Edunation picked her up from the airport, helped her settle in Helsinki, and took her on a tour in Helsinki. At first, the transportation in Helsinki metropolitan area was confusing to Bethanee but she thinks the HSL app (local transportation app) is very helpful.

In the beginning, Bethanee struggled because she was alone, which was different from what she was used to. However, while living in a shared apartment the roommates became Bethanee’s friends. She was also bored during the first two-three months of her stay because there was nothing more than studies. She started looking for a part-time job to save money and she landed a temporary cleaning job in a local grocery store’s kitchen. Bethanee got tired of cleaning because she used to work as a nurse and she would like to continue with nursing while studying.

Tuomas Kauppinen, CEO of Edunation, helped Bethanee with seeking a healthcare-related job. She got a part-time position from a nursing home in Espoo, where she is still working today. In the beginning, it was hard for her to adjust to the working environment because most of the employees only spoke Finnish. Bethanee learned some common work-related Finnish language and she can communicate with the other employees well but it took some adjusting. She got an offer for a full-time job at the nursing home but she is still thinking about whether she takes it.

Bethanee and her certificate in the hall of Myllypuro campus

How do you feel now after graduating?

”I feel relieved. There is pressure during the studies, the tuition fees, passing the courses and exams, learning the Finnish language, and adjusting to the working environment. I feel relieved that I can now start to work and save money and start living.”

What has been the most MEMORABLE moment within this journey?

”I only studied on campus for one year. The most memorable moment was when I did my thesis and graduation maturity exam. I was relieved, when I returned the thesis because the thesis was the most difficult part of my studies.”

Has something exceeded your expectations?

“Studying here. The Metropolia University of Applied Sciences Myllypuro campus is very modern and student-friendly. The view from the café on the 6th floor is beautiful. It is a privilege to study here, it is very pleasant. The food in the cafeteria is affordable and full-filling. Also, the teachers are professional.”

What are your plans after graduation?

“I will continue taking Finnish language courses here at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences because I wanted to continue with the same teacher. I will also continue my part-time job at the nursing home. I’m hoping to learn enough Finnish to work in a hospital.”

Message and advice for fellow Filipino students, who want to study in Finland

“Try to get out of your comfort zone. Be patient with learning the Finnish language because it will take time. Listen to other students or alumni who have studied the program at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.”

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