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Student Tips: Traveling in the Northern Europe

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Welcome to Finland! As a student, you can easily travel to these nearby European countries. Check out these amazing travel destinations near Finland and learn how to get great deals, cheap tickets, and accommodations.

Building next to a lake

Oslo, Norway

Transport: Taking flights is recommended. It costs about 60€ to 100€ for the flight tickets but of course, it depends on when you buy it. Norwegian, Finnair and SAS are the three main companies offer direct flights to Oslo.

Accommodation: It is not enough to spend a day to visit Oslo definitely. Thus, no matter if you travel alone or with group, you can have a look on the Airbnb or websites and compare the prices. The price is about 35€ to 60€ per night for a single bedroom. But if you want to stay in the hostel, the price is much cheaper, about 25€.

What to do: We cannot tell what the best attractions beacuse everything here is worth the visit, but you can visit some of the recommendations told online, such as Frogner Park and Viking Ship Museum.

Transportation in Oslo: Metro is the most convenient transport in the city center. If you go to the airport, you can take the express train.

Tips when visiting: Remember to spare some cash in small denomination. Since everything closes at weekends, when you buy the train ticket in their machine, no one can change the cash into smaller denomination for you. So please be prepared or you can even buy the train ticket online before your arrival, to avoid hassle.

The Royal Palace

Stockholm, Sweden

Transport: Again, Norwegian, Finnair and SAS organize the flights to Stockholm, which cost about 70€ to 100€. It takes about 1 hour for the flight.

However, it is also possible to visit Stockholm via ferry from Helsinki for about 17 hours. Viking Line and Tallink Silja Line are the two companies offer the ferry trip. It costs about 250€ for the return journey.

Accommodation: You can spot budget apartments at Airbnb and It costs about 30€ to 50€ per night. Hostel is another option.

What to do: The Royal Palace, Stockholm city hall and the old town are worthy to visit.

Transport in Stockholm: You can buy a 24-hours or 72-hours travel card to visit the places surrounding Stockholm. More information can be found in their public transport official website named SL. You need to pay for the transport fee from the airport to city center.

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Colorful City of HUGGE

Copenhagen, Denmark

Transport: Norwegian, Finnair and SAS are also the three companies selling the direct flight tickets. It costs from about 80€ to 210€ and the duration of the flight is about 1 hour 40 minutes.

Accommodation: Airbnb and are the common people use. It costs about 30€ to 50€ per night per person. Hostels can be also found.

What to do: Tivoli Gardens, the Little Mermaid and Nyhavn, the harbour front view are nice sightseeing spots and worth your visit. Instagram right?

Transport in Copenhagen: Metro is the common way to visit around. You may find more information about zones, prices and travel pass for visitors in the official website of DOT.

Reminder: Please bring along your Residence Permit and Passport during the trip.

We all know there are restrictions and some travel bans are lifted. We hope these brief information about these awesome EU countries will help you plan better for your next trip. Stay safe and have a good trip.

All photos credit to Clara (IG: finlilyland)

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