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Students: “TUAS gives you the flexibility to choose your own path”

Hang Le, Rasha Elmansuri, Simranjit Singh, Tan Bui, Miguel Fernández and Raj Tiwari are former and current students from the Turku University of Applied Sciences. They all started their Bachelor of Engineering, ICT studies at the Salo IoT Campus.

Many former students chose to study in Finland for its pre-education system where it was possible to come study for free. But the interest was also in the quality of life and education system which is ranked amongst the top education systems in the world.

The students describe TUAS as a very multicultural place since there are many foreign students coming from all around the world. TUAS also offers different activities you can join. Events such as hackathons focus on building teamwork experience.

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TUAS supports professional growth

Students are able to gain work experience in their field of studies and grow from a student to a professional. Experience can be gained through different projects, practical training and internships. TUAS students are able to work and collaborate with the Turku Game Lab on different projects.

“I worked in the lab as a game designer. I was also able to go to Japan as an exchange student through TUAS. There I worked as a researcher in the College of Sendai”, tells Miguel Fernández.

Rasha Elmansuri was interested in the technology used in the medical field. She was able to do three internships at the hospital. Two of the internships were in the ICT department and one in IT department.

“The reason why I chose to study ICT was because I wanted to continue my studies in the medical field. I also wanted to learn more about the technology used there. I really like that you have flexibility to choose your own path without enforcement”, tells Rasha.

Two students sitting in the lounge are of TUAS iot campus in Salo

Balance between soft and hard skills

A great thing about TUAS is that the studies are focused on practical learning, although technical skills are not all you learn during your studies. The emphasis is also in learning soft skills which define you as an employee.

“A lot of it has to do with soft skills on how to apply for a job, things to consider when you are creating your resume and CV, what to write in an application letter and about the general persistence”, tells Simranjit.

“The main thing I’ve learned is to maintain good relations and contacts because that increases job opportunities”, tells Tan Bui.

Tan has been working with Vaadin since 2017 which is an international company focused on helping developers build apps.

Miguel Fernández:

“For anyone who is interested in ICT, I would recommend TUAS. No doubt about it!”

If you are interested in studying Information and Communications Technology (ICT) at the Turku University of Applied Sciences, you can read more about our study program and specialization tracks here.

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