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Study Abroad Packing Tips- What You Need to Bring

You have received your acceptance letter and received your residence permit, (Finally, Yey!) now it is time to start packing. As a new student about to start fresh and move to a different country and your new home, you must have burning questions on what to pack and what not to. It can be stressful finding the right balance of things. There are things you may need or you are just sentimentally tied to. (Please let go of that cheering squad shirt..) Let us remember one important thing, you are moving to a new country to garner experience and make new memories.

The practicalities that needs to be considered. Create a strict “take” or “toss” pile. You don’t necessarily need to toss things but maybe leave at your parent’s place if it means that much. (You may leave that cheering squad shirt..)

Pack the essentials

As most people tend to think, Finland is not all that expensive if you know how to buy the essentials wisely. You can still buy pots, pans, and other requisites on a budget without splurging. Also if you tend to stay and work here past your studies, these materials you buy will last you a long time. Consider it a one-time investment of sorts.

Moving has never been an easy job and for sure it is not possible to pack your entire life and just move.

In your carry-on bag

Pack the essentials you cannot immediately replace such as:

  • Important ID’S
  • Cards
  • Documents (visa, insurance, a rental contract, etc. Consider having digital copies of the important docs.)
  • Medicines prescribed by your doctor /prescriptions etc.
  • Electronics/ Gadgets

Be smart about space, since you will have limited checked baggage allowance on your long-haul flight. In case you plan to pay for extra baggage, know that it is quite expensive. It is wiser to simply buy the needful on arrival.

Don’t pack things based on what you “may” need. Pack accordingly to legitimate needs. Roll-up flexible materials like clothes to save space and be practical about shoes. You do not necessarily need to bring 5 pairs. When you come to Finland you will need to buy winter compliant shoes.

Buy practical things for cheap in Finland

You don’t need to pack pots and pans because you can buy them in Finland for cheap from second-hand stores such as UFFPunainen Risti (Finnish Red cross)Fida, Flea markets, etc. Before your belongings are packed and ready to fly, take care of formalities such as flight ticketsvisas and permits, knowledge of your lodging at the destination country, etc.

The point of studying abroad is to widen your knowledge of other cultures and starting from scratch. Isn’t it much better to pack your life with adventures and memories to come?

Few more important tips

  • Seal all your liquids
  • Check prohibited items
  • Check-in for your flight
  • Don’t leave the packing for the last minute
  • Weigh your luggage

Lastly, the toughest thing you need to pack that will not fit into a suitcase, your family and friends. Take time to say goodbye to your loved ones and spend quality time with them before your journey begins.

We hope you enjoy this challenging and interesting adventure in the next step of your life. We are here to help you!.

– Edunation team

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Table of Contents