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Study Abroad Pathway Programs: Finland vs the USA

Thinking about doing a pathway program or studying abroad? Trying to decide between Finland and the United States? Choosing between study abroad programs in Finland can be difficult. Here’s why Edunation’s Pathway to Finland is the best option for you!

WHy finland?

Finland is known for northern lights, saunas, Santa Claus, Angry Birds and so much more.Importantly, Finland is also known for high-quality education and high-quality living standards. On the other hand, the U.S. has been named the Land of Dreams.But, Harri Suominen, Edunation’s co-founder said it best:

“America may be the land of dreams, but Finland is the land of realising them.”

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Here are a few reasons why Finland is the best place to come study!

1. #1 education system in the world

People and experts around the world have recognised and praised Finland’s education system. Additionally, Finland is committed to providing everyone with an equal opportunity to receive a high-quality education regardless of socio-economic positions.

In 2018, the United States ranked 27thfor healthcare and education. The U.S. has fallen far behind in their rankings over the years. They recently ranked 38thout of 71 countries considered in math scores.The U.S. has also done little to improve its rankings in education. While the U.S. is home to many well-known universities, Finland consistently outranks the country in the quality of education.

2. Finland named the happiest country 4 years in a row

It is well-known that Finland is the happiest country in the world! On the other hand, the U.S. ranked number 18th on this list. You can read more about this award and what it means here.

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3. FInland is a leader in the stem fields

If you want to pursue an education or career in the STEM fields, Finland is the best place to do it! You can read more about studying in the STEM field in Finland here.

Why pathway to Finland?

1. Affordable

Pathway programs in the United States can cost anywhere up to 10000 dollars (approximately 8200 euros) per study period. At Arizona State University, the business pathway program’s tuition for one term costs 15600 dollars.Additionally, these pathway programs generally last one year.

Comparatively, Pathway to Finland, a unique study abroad program in Finland, costs 1500 euros. Also, Pathway to Finland can be completed entirely online! Therefore, tuition costs are much lower compared to costs in the U.S. And, Pathway to Finland is a 15 week (1 semester) 30-credit program. This means that you only pay the fee once, making Finland a much more affordable pathway program choice.

On top of that, after successfully completing the program, you are eligible for scholarships at your selected Finnish University. These scholarships may reduce tuition costs by 50%! Whereas, many U.S. universities don’t offer international students any scholarships.

2. Accessible

A majority of US pathway programs require you to complete the program on campus. This limits the amount of flexibility you have in completing the program.

Pathway to Finland is an online program. So, there is no need to be in Finland during the program. You can complete the program from anywhere in the world! You will have much more flexibility and time to prepare for your move to Finland. For example, this gives you time to apply for a residence permit to continue your studies at your chosen Finnish university.

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3. Innovative

The focus of pathway programs is academic preparedness and improvement in the English language. Most U.S. pathway programs focus solely on intensive English improvement. Completing a pathway program in the U.S. may require you to take up to 3 semesters of English language courses. Most often this will take place in a traditional classroom setting.

Claned is our online learning platform used to deliver the courses. This platform makes it easy to complete tasks and keep on track with the program. Among taking preparatory courses, you will simultaneously be taking courses related to your field of study. Pathway to Finland also allows you to transfer some or all of these credits to your degree! So, when you start your degree, you are prepared and already have some credits starting, which can be a huge advantage! In addition, we seek to offer you an authentic Finnish university studying experience. This allows you to get valuable insights into Finnish university culture!

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4. Efficient

Admissions processes vary between different U.S. universities for pathway programs. Each university in the U.S. has its own pathway program with different conditions, but you will likely have to wait for your decision of acceptance for many months even.

Pathway to Finland has a very efficient admissions process. In fact, you can even receive your decision of acceptance within 48 hours! So, there is a short waiting period between sending your application and being able to start the program.

Pathway to Finland is a great option if you are looking for a study abroad program in Finland, especially because it’s in Finland!

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