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Study Business in Finland : Facebook Q&A

Edunation organized new Facebook Q&A online event on Thursday. The theme of this online event was Business studies in Finland. Watch the video and learn more about the Business studies in this post!

Facebook Q&A

Edunation is constantly trying to find new ways to get connected with students all over the world and provide information about new programs and university options. Facebook Q&A events have proved to be a great way to do both of these things.

What is a Q&A?

A Q&A refers to questions and answers. It is usually a time or an occasion when an individual answers questions presented by the audience.

Business studies in finland


Edunation organized the Q&A event live on Facebook on 28th of October. The theme of the event was Business studies in Finland. At the moment Edunation has 11 partner universities that offer business degrees. There are 11 bachelor’s and 9 masters programs available.

You can apply to study Business directly or through the Pathway to Finland program. It is a preparatory program that helps the student to gain admission to bachelor’s degree studies in Finland. The duration is 17 weeks and if you choose the Business track you will learn:

  • English language skills such as reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • Mathematical skills needed for further business studies
  • Academic skills such as critical thinking, academic writing, and digital skills
  • Study skills and techniques
  • Basic concepts of business and economics
  • Intercultural communication

You will be able to choose the progression university when applying to the program. You can find more information about our Pathway partner universities and programs here.

Most frequent questions at the q&A

The Q&A attendees were able to ask questions from Edunation’s employees. Here are some of the most popular questions that came up.

Q: What are the program options for master’s degrees?
A: We offer 11 bachelor’s degree programs and 9 masters programs in the Business field. Read more about the options here.

Q: What are the admission requirements for a Business degree?
A: The admission requirements differ between all universities. You should always check the specific requirements from the universities page. Just click the university you would like to know more about. You are also able to apply for a bachelor’s degree in Business trough the Pathway to Finland program. This means that you will only need to fulfill the Pathway requirements found here. No exams needed!

Q: Are universities offering scholarships in Finland?
A: Yes they are. Most scholarships are merit based. You can get a scholarship even based on your Finnish language skills! You can find more information about scholarships on the universities page. Click the university you are interested in and read about the scholarships they offer.

Q: How is the market for employment?
A: At the moment there are 150 000 open jobs in Finland. This means that there is demand for employees. The students will have 1-year Post-study Visa for job hunting. You can also part-time work during studies up to 25 hours per week.

Q: Did I hear it right that you are offering Finnish language courses?
A: Edunation will offer Finnish language courses in the Spring of 2022 starting from 28.2.2022. Through the Claned platform, you can access all study materials, work on assignments, and interact with your teachers and peers. We also organizeweekly live classesfor all students! Sign up here.

Q: Is there an upper age limit for applying?
A: No there is not. We believe that you can learn no matter your age!

Watch the Facebook Q&A here.

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