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Study engineering abroad: SeAMK Automation Engineering

If you want to study abroad in Finland or get a bachelor’s degree in engineering, now is the time to do it! Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences (SeAMK) is the best university for you to become an international expert in automation engineering!

Seinäjoki University of Applied Science School of Technology campus

what is automation engineering?

Automation engineering focuses on developing and maintaining machines and systems. Engineers in this field may create, design, plan, and manage these systems and machines for all kinds of industries.

Automation engineering at SeAMK offers studies in traditional engineering while combining new innovative studies meant to respond to the professional needs of today and the future. In this program, you will learn and develop skills in robotics, computer science, programming, entrepreneurship, and so much more!

SeAMK combines general studies, professional studies, and hands-on training into a program that prepares students for careers in a wide range of fields. Common studies include courses in language, mathematics, and physics. Professional studies will focus on automation engineering and computer science. You will also delve deeper into a specific module related to the field during this phase of your studies. These modules include, for example, information technology, business studies, or industrial internet.

During the practical training portion of your studies, you will get to take part in real-life assignments with local companies! During your studies, you will also be working in laboratories to put theoretical knowledge into practice. There’s no better way to learn than to experiment with your new skills!

Beyond the technical side of automation engineering, you will have the chance to make the world a better place. An automation engineer’s role is to make many aspects of life stress-free. So, you can be assured that this field will lead you to a very rewarding career!

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engineering student working in a laboratory

Career opportunities in automation engineering

Businesses in Finland and all around the world are automating their business operations. And, there has been a push for businesses to simplify their processes with the use of automation. As this trend has been increasing, the demand for automation engineers has also been increasing. There are increasing opportunities in industrial production. You have the chance to take part in the creation of automation systems designed to make life easier!

What’s more, engineering students from SeAMK have one of the highest employment rates in Finland! SeAMK is committed to initiating collaborations between local industries and students during studies and after graduation. With its close proximity to a number of tech companies, students are offered unique possibilities to connect with companies and future employers!

So, pursuing your bachelor’s degree at SeAMK opens up a world of professional opportunities. In fact, you can find your future career in a number of different fields:

  • production
  • sales
  • research and development
  • supply chain management
  • academia

Or even become an entrepreneur and start your own company! Whatever field interests you, SeAMK will ensure you have all the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive as an automation engineer!

students in automation engineering while studying abroad

How to apply for seamk’s automation engineering program

SeAMK’s Bachelor’s in Automation Engineering is available in January 2022 as a Pathway to Finland progression program! This program is a progression choice in the Engineering and Technology track of Pathway to Finland starting September 2021.

Not sure what Pathway to Finland is? Check out this short video!

With Pathway to Finland, you get guaranteed admission to SeAMK after you finish the program! This means that you can skip the hassle of any entrance exams or interviews that are part of the direct application. The best part? You are saving a lot of money by doing Pathway to Finland!

SeAMK recognizes all the credits you complete during Pathway to Finland! This means that when you start the automation engineering degree, you are starting already in your second semester. All 30 credits of the Pathway program count towards your degree! One semester at SeAMK will cost you 3 500 euros, but with Pathway to Finland, your first semester costs only 1 500 euros. That is 2 000 euros in savings!

So, what are you waiting for? The application for Pathway to Finland closes on August 31st. Start your study abroad journey in the field of engineering now!

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