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Have you been dreaming of studying nursing in Finland? If yes, now is the best time to do it!

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Nursing in Finland

Finland has an ageing population. This has resulted in a very high demand for nurses. In fact, it has been estimated that Finland needs 30,000 more nurses to keep up with these trends! Health care service providers are increasingly looking to hire nurses to meet this new demand. This makes studying nursing in Finland a great opportunity for students who wish to live and study in Finland!

Not only is there are demand for nurses in Finland, there is also the opportunity to experience the happiest country in the world! Located in Northern Europe, Finland promises safety and security, international student satisfaction, top quality higher education, and so much more!

Nursing is a very promising field for international students! Combined with world-class education and great potential in the labor market, now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity to pursue your dreams in Finland!

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Nursing studies in Finland

Finland is undoubtedly the best country to study nursing! Let’s lay out the facts.


The cost of a nursing degree in Finland is much lower than in many other European and non-European countries! Tuition fees for one year in Finland total less than 10 000 euros! Comparatively, in countries like the United States and Australia, the cost of just tuition ranges from 20 000 to over 30 000 euros! Not to mention, living costs in these countries can be double what they are in Finland!

On top of that, you are allowed to work part time alongside full-time studies! This means that, you can work up to 25 hours a week during your studies. This is not possible or even allowed in other countries. So, there’s no doubt about it! Pursuing a nursing degree in Finland is one of the most affordable and promising options!


Finland has superior education. But, what does this mean in a nursing degree?

In essence, you are sure to get a high quality education and a degree that is highly valued in the job market. As such, the curriculum is based on EU directives, so the qualification complies with European standards! Nursing studies in Finland combine the latest research and evidence-based nursing practices with hands-on professional skills. This format ensures that you develop all the needed skills to truly strive in a professional setting after graduation.

Overall, these studies focus on medical-surgical skills. And, practical training takes on a large role in the studies. Students will be prepared for a variety of nursing careers. Nursing studies are designed to prepare students for a variety of nursing careers. For example, in acute and long-term health care, social welfare organizations, international positions, or even as entrepreneurs! But, your study journey doesn’t have to end with a bachelor’s degree! You will also have the opportunity to pursue a master’s degree in Finland or abroad!

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Top 5 reasons to study nursing in finland

  1. Quality of nursing education is high
  2. Finland has one of the world’s best universal health care systems
  3. A nursing degree in Finland is affordable and has a fantastic return on investment
  4. There are lots of employment opportunities — Finland needs more health care workers
  5. A nursing degree from Finland qualifies you to work in all European Union countries
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How to study nursing in Finland

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What’s more, during Pathway to Finland you will have the chance to study the Finnish language! This can be a major advantage for your future in Finland! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity, apply now!

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Table of Contents