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Student journey to TAMK

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Tampere University of Applied Sciences is one of the most international and diverse university communities when studying in Finland. Now that Influencers Academy is included in the Entrepreneurship and Team Leadership program, many multitalented students are joining TAMK’s Proakatemia from all over the world. One of the new students is a 20-year-old up-and-coming entrepreneur and media talent, Piruda Chatvistuta,, otherwise known as Dada.

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Piruda Chatvisuta is beginning her studies in Finland by joining the TAMK BBA program.
Piruda Chatvisuta is beginning her studies in Finland by joining the TAMK BBA program.

Journey towards TAMK BBA

Dada is originally from Bangkok, Thailand but she decided to begin her university studies in Finland with the help of Edunation. She has learned great things about Finnish education: “ Finland has one of the best education systems in the world”, Dada says. She has also heard that Finland is the happiest country in the world. We can attest to this because Finland has been named the happiest country in the world now 4 years in a row.

Dada is running a successful Instagram account with her sister. It is one of the first accounts that focuses on women’s rights and equality in Thailand and has raised interest with over 77 500 followers. Dada also works as the creative planner and administrator for the most followed hair salon in Thailand The Gallery Tiara. She hopes that her knowledge of social media can be utilized in TAMK as well. She is also working to create a dermatology product based business with her sister. Her creativity and passion for entrepreneurship makes her the perfect fit for the Entrepreneurship and Team Leadership program.

Pro Akatemia in Tampere, Finland.
Proakatemia in Tampere, Finland

Goals for studying in finland

Now that Dada is starting her journey in Finland, what are her future plans? Even though she has a lot of experience of working as a entrepreneur, her hope is that TAMK’s program will help her connect with other like-minded students. During her studies Dada would like to continue working with social media and marketing. She would also love to be a creative director.

In Influencers Adadamy we will be learning with a coach and developing our own business. I consider myself an inspiring entrepreneur so this is the best place for me to be in.

Piruda Chatvisuta
Students in Tampere.

Study business in Tamk

If you are interested in studying business in Finland, TAMK Entrepreneurship and Team Leadership program gives you the ability to work as an entrepreneur but also learn about topics that interests you as a student. You will be able to work with leading companies and organizations and learn trough industry project assignments. The program is based on coaching and learning and you will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

Learn more about the program here. The application deadline for the January 2022 intake is October 31, 2021. Apply through Edunation by clicking this link.

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