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Top 15 Reasons To Study In Finland, The Happiest Country In The World!

There are many positive reasons to study in Finland. Aside from acclaimed universities offering the best vocational, bachelor’s, and master’s education, you will be amazed by the country’s various world rankings!

Today, we will discuss the top reasons to study in Finland. Let us highlight some valuable facts that will undoubtedly make you book a ticket, pack your bags, and go to Finland to secure your future. 

What are the available programs to study in Finland?

One of the best reasons to study in Finland is the exciting academic programs constantly enhanced to meet the demands of an evolving industry. Here is a list of study fields you can choose from:

Bachelor’s Degree

  • Business and Management
  • Information Technology
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Healthcare and Sports
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Culture and Arts
  • Natural Resources

Master’s Degree

  • Business and Management
  • Information Technology
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Culture and Arts
study in Finland tuition
It is affordable to study in Finland compared to other countries!

How much is the tuition fee in Finland for international students?

The country is known for its world-class but affordable universities. Compared to Australia and Canada, learning institutions in Finland are surprisingly less costly, which is one of the main reasons to study in Finland. International students’ annual tuition fees range from 6,000 to 12,000 euros.

Visit our tuition fee and scholarship page to learn the cost of education for each university in Finland.

Top Reasons to study in Finland

Now that you know about the educational programs available and the cost of studying in Finland, let us introduce the advantages of enrolling in the world’s happiest country.

1. The best education in the world

One of the country’s goals is for everyone to have an equal opportunity for a quality education regardless of the family’s income. This noble mission produces responsible and educated citizens actively participating in Finland’s growth.

International students benefit from the nation’s objectives as Finland has the best universities globally, where programs are carefully made based on the highest standards.

Are you planning to take up Economics? Hanken School of Economics is certainly a top choice as it is one of the capital’s most prestigious and leading business colleges.

Do you prefer a modern learning environment with a stunning view of nature? Arcada University of Applied Sciences offers that and more. Certainly, Finland has the best universities any student will adore!

study in Finland
Finland offers the best learning system in the world!

2. Exceptional learning experience

When you study in Finland, you will undoubtedly experience world-class teaching, constantly upgrading to meet the demands of the ever-changing global workforce. Finland is consistently included in the top list of the best education rankings by country, making it an ideal place to pursue higher learning and one of the best reasons to study in Finland.

The Finnish higher education system equally offers universities and Universities of Applied Sciences for international students. To differentiate, Universities specifically concentrate on scientific research, while Universities of Applied Sciences provide practical learning to various needs in working life.

To further understand the country’s higher education system, here are some facts when you study in Finland:

  • Only the best and top 10 percent of graduates become a teacher in Finland. Additionally, they must also have a master’s degree.
  • Teachers have the same status as lawyers and doctors. They re-evaluate and rebuild their existing curriculum for two hours every two weeks to adjust their course of study to learners.
  • Education is available for all in Finland, even for grown-ups. The country specifically offers liberal studies and non-formal learning for adults.
  • Basics are essential when you study in Finland. It offers a flexible curriculum, making any student learn at their own pace equally.

3. the cleanest and greenest country

One of the top reasons to study in Finland is that it has been among the greenest countries worldwide for countless years. Once there, you will surely enjoy a magnificent region with lush forests, beautiful mountains, and crystal-clear water.

Additionally, the country takes the top spot in “Environmental Health” and “Air Quality,” scoring 99.3 and 98.8, respectively. These factors are vital when studying in Finland, as you need serene and healthy surroundings to relax, recharge, and focus.

study in Finland food
Finland has clean, safe, and healthy food to nourish you!

4. The healthiest and safest food

Nourishment is vital while learning as it helps you mentally absorb new information. When you study in Finland, all their meals are delicious and equally nutritious. One of the best reasons to study in the country is you have access to the healthiest food worldwide. The nation’s fruits and vegetables are pure and clean, and livestock farms stopped using antibiotics in 2009.

Additionally, in all European countries, the Finnish wild forest offers additional sustenance as oats, berries, and other edible, organic crops grow in the area. These are available for all but do not disturb the ecosystem.

5. The cleanest water in the world

Aside from food, clean and accessible water is an essential factor in choosing to study in Finland – which has the purest water in the world! The quality is so clean; more often than not, it tastes better than any bottled water available in groceries. Their supply comes from 168,000 lakes, where 85% have excellent environmental evaluations.

In addition, with an abundant supply of healthy food and water, Finland also reigns among the best countries and cities to be healthy. It is one of the best reasons to study in Finland, as you can be fit and enjoy a healthier version of yourself while upgrading your education! With this, it’s no surprise that the country has an exceptional life expectancy globally.  

Finnish people or Finns
Finns are reserved at first, but they can be your friend through bonding in social activities!

6. Finns are the ideal citizens

The Finnish people, or Finns, are generally multilingual, law-abiding, modest, and respect other nationalities.

Additionally, they are hard workers and experts in balancing work with leisure. They also respect personal space so you can concentrate more on your studies if you want to have quiet time alone in public areas.

Furthermore, the literacy rate in the country is 100%, which means you will be interacting with civilized people who can help you with your concerns about their community. 

7. The cost of living is more affordable compared to other countries

If you are on a budget, affordability is one of the best reasons to study in Finland. The table below, courtesy of MyLifeElsewhere, compares it with Canada and Australia, two of the most popular study-abroad destinations.

Rent for one bedroom apartment in the downtown area$707.92$1,070.21$1,178.33
Rent for one bedroom apartment outside the city$577.34$940.11$887.86
Utilities (electricity, water, heating, and gas)$101.67$106.32$118.12
Internet connection$22.59$65.32$53.73
One litter of milk$1.00$1.22$2.03
One dozen eggs$2.38$2.99$3.54
Local cheese$3.76$5.78$3.78
One kg apple$2.35$3.55$3.11
One kg orange$2.24$3.51$2.74
Comparing expenses in Finland, Canada, and Australia for international students

8. one of the Safest countries in the world

International students in Finland are generally secure as it is one of the safest countries globally. As no nation is crimeless, the most common offenses in the country are property and traffic-related. With this, expect a peaceful environment – one of the top reasons to study in Finland.

Additionally, there are over 7,300 police officers in Finland, ensuring you have someone to rely on 24/7 if you come alone to the country. They specifically protect everyone from offenses such as violations in traffic, narcotics, cybercrimes, human traffic, environmental and animal wrongdoings, and more.

Moreover, all European countries, including Finland, use 112 as their emergency number. You can contact it free of charge from any phone.

9. Work while studying

International students who study in Finland can work part-time for 30 hours. Once qualified, you may choose from different fields that can train you for future work. The most common jobs for international students include food delivery, cleaning, advertisement delivery, dishwashing, elderly care, daycare, mail delivery, newspaper delivery, research assistant, and content creation.

10. Getting a post-visa study in Finland is generally easy

After finishing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Finland, you will receive a post-study work visa with two-year validity. This privilege allows you to look for a job while staying in the country after graduation. Furthermore, the updated law for international students is one of the top reasons to study in Finland. The entry and retention of international students are easy as the time you spend in the country with a resident permit for studies is credited towards the four-year requirement for applying for a permanent residency in Finland. It makes your dream of becoming a resident fast and easy!

Once you study in Finland and finish a bachelor’s or master’s degree, you will receive a post-study work visa with two-year validity. This privilege allows you to look for a job while staying in the country after graduation.

transportation for international students
Finland has the best transportation for international students!

11. Public transportation is the best

One of the top reasons to study in Finland is its well-working public transportation network that can surely take you anywhere on time. The buses in the country are modern and safe. The leading coach and bus company in the region is Oy Matkahuolto Ab. They provide long-distance rides to all areas of the country.

Additionally, if you want a faster way of reaching places, you can ride trains managed by Valtion Rautatiet. It passes through most major cities, including Tampere, Turku, and the towns of Hanko and Pori.

Finally, you may also opt for eco-friendly bikes for a serene experience while touring the city or countryside.

12. Finnish student card

Among the best reasons to study in Finland is the Finnish student card. Aside from being the official student identification card provides valuable discounts on public transportation, meals, apparel, gym memberships, sports events, and more! The Finnish student card can be digital or a plastic ID. To learn everything about it, click HERE.

Enjoy activities during breaks
Finland has fun activities that you will enjoy during study breaks!

13. Fun activities while you take a break from studying

One of the best reasons to study in Finland is the opportunity to visit thrilling places! A short holiday or vacation from studying or working is essential for mental and physical well-being. Aside from its relaxing and energizing benefits, you can also make new friends during your trip

During winter breaks, you can go to Rovaniemi to marvel at the northern lights, visit Santa Claus Village, and do fun activities in the winter wonderland. Additionally, you can head to Ruka-Kuusamo or Levi to ski, Kemi to take photos of the world’s biggest snow castle, and Helsinki to enjoy museums while drinking coffee.

Moreover, summer is undoubtedly fun in Finland. You can go to festivals, events, and concerts. There are also fun physical activities such as kayaking, paddling, cycling, and more.

14. Perfect place for expats

Aside from international learners who choose to study in Finland, many expats are already in love with this country. Finland is among the best countries for expats looking for a stunning city. According to the survey, highlights of the nation include:

  • Best environment and climate
  • Top safety and security
  • Best air quality
  • The perfect urban and natural environment
  • Outstanding government support
  • Availability of green goods and services
  • Environment-friendly policies
  • Political stability
  • Freedom to express themselves
  • Excellent work-life balance
Women in Finland enjoy total equality in society!

15. Best country for women

Among the best reasons to study in Finland is the opportunities it provides to women. It was the first nation to grant full political rights to women in 1906. Today, females have full access to healthcare and education. Additionally, they can participate in the growth of the economy and politics of the country.

Furthermore, men and women are equally active in the labor force. Both genders enjoy a work-life balance, leaves for parents, low-cost but high-quality child care, and more. Lastly, discrimination is certainly illegal based on gender, gender expression, and identity.

To sum it up

The country is undoubtedly growing and evolving, so expect more reasons to study in Finland. As a student, you must take the first step to being globally competitive in the future. Level up your skills while residing in a first-world country capable of providing more than you can imagine.

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