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Study in Finland vs. Germany: Essential details to help you decide in choosing your dream study abroad destination

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Are you having difficulty deciding where to study in Finland vs. Germany? Have you considered essential factors that can affect your choice?

Finland and Germany are equally established countries that offer exciting benefits for everyone. Germany is well-loved and has specifically built itself as a dream destination for travelers!

On the other hand, Finland is a welcoming nation known specifically as the happiest country in the world. Tourists are coming to experience everything it offers – from refreshing cities to preserved natural wonders!

Today, let us assist you in choosing between these two popular European destinations. We will focus on essential factors to help you decide where to study in Finland vs. Germany.

Your living expenses when you study in Finland vs. Germany

Aside from the tuition fee, your cost of living specifically plays a significant role in deciding where to study in Finland vs. Germany.

Below are some expenses (in US Dollars) you will encounter during your study in Finland vs. Germany.

Local cheese$3.76$5.97
Apples (1 kg)$2.25$2.47
Eggs (1 dozen)$2.38$2.46
Bottle of water (0.33 liter)$1.56$2.21
Monthly public transit pass$57.04$69.44
Taxi trip in the downtown area (8km)$19.62$20.35
Internet connection$22.59$34.76
One-bedroom apartment (downtown area)$707.92$719.63
Utilities including electricity, gas, water, and heating$101.67$188.33

Food choices while you study in Finland vs. Germany

Access to healthy food is a must as you are required to learn, memorize and keep up with lessons when you study in Finland vs. Germany.

Germans love the diet of Central Europe. It consists of lean protein, fish from the Baltic sea, berries, pickled vegetables, and whole-grain bread.

Meanwhile, Finland takes healthy eating a notch higher. The country’s rich arctic land produces exceptional harvests and livestock. Because of this, it is one of the best in the top 20 countries with the healthiest diet

The environment in Finland vs. Germany

It is vital to stay in a clean environment when choosing to study in Finland vs. Germany. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, picking a pristine area generally makes you healthier, happier, and more productive!

Finland and Germany equally take a good spot in the top cleanest countries in the world, but Finland ranks higher and stands out more due to the following outstanding reasons:

  • It has the best air quality worldwide because of the expansive forests covering 75% of land areas.  
  • Finland has the world’s best tap water from its 168,000 lakes, rivers, and tributaries.  
  • Due to its pristine surroundings, Finland also enjoys a pleasant spot in the life expectancy of citizens per country. Males are expected to live until 79.4 years old and females until 85.

Your safety when you study in Finland vs. Germany

According to the World Population Review, both countries are generally safe for travelers and international learners, so you are naturally secure when you decide to study in Finland vs. Germany.

The most common offenses in Finland include property and theft, which gradually decreased in 2021 until the present.

On the other hand, pickpocketing and theft are the most common form of violations in Germany. Stay vigilant while on public transportation and in crowded places.

Also, avoid street demonstrations if you plan to stay in Hamburg and Berlin, as clashes may happen between some demonstrators and police officers.

Finally, if you opt for a cannabis-free country, choose Finland. Germany is in talks to legalize the use of cannabis for recreational purposes

Bond and establish long-lasting friendships during your study abroad!

Recreational activities

There are similarities in recreational activities when you study in Finland vs. Germany. Both countries surely offer exciting outdoor adventures such as hiking in breathtaking mountains, canoeing in lakes, exploring charming towns, and more.

Finland is perfect for you if you are a big fan of Christmas! The country turns into a magical and festive area filled with heartwarming events. You will undoubtedly feel the spirit of Christmas with the following activities:

  • Joulupukki parade in Helsinki
  • Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi
  • Christmas markets
  • Watch the northern lights
  • Stay in an arctic snow hotel
  • See Santa Claus’ reindeer
  • and more!

Quality of education when you study in Finland vs. Germany

You can learn extensively in any field when you choose to study in Finland vs. Germany. Both offer top-notch education that produces in-demand professionals. However, Finland stands out in many ways. Aside from being the happiest country for countless years, it also has been specifically consistent in providing the best education due to the following reasons:

  • Learners in Finland have the lowest number of class hours a week. It generally starts between 8 to 9 am and ends by 2 pm.
  • The country believes that cooperation is the key to success, not competition. There are no comparisons and rankings in regions, schools, students, and teachers.
  • Instead of inspection, the government fully trusts educational institutions in Finland. They are equally supported and funded to perform at their best.
  • Rather than focusing on test scores, Finland’s education system is about establishing a healthy student environment. The nation’s ideology in education is “a tool that even out social inequality.”
  • The national curriculum in Finland lets teachers use their ideas and styles in the classroom. It shows that the Finnish school system has faith in its educators.

There are certainly more advantages to choosing the Finnish education system. It is specifically a productive investment where you will grow in many ways!

study in Finland vs. Germany
Always choose happiness!

Permanent residency application

Once you have fallen in love with your host country, it is challenging to leave.

Is it easy to apply for residency after you study in Finland vs. Germany?

International students are not allowed to get a PR in Germany. They can only get a PR after studying in Germany and working there for at least two to four years.

On the other hand, with the updated law for international students, it is surely easy to apply for permanent residency in Finland. The time you spend in the country on a student visa counts toward the four-year requirement! Read our student visa to permanent resident guide to know more about this privilege.

To sum it up

I hope we helped you choose where to study in Finland vs Germany. Always remember learning higher education abroad is an investment, so choose wisely!

For the personal experiences of our global learners, visit our Student Stories section. We also have many topics on our Blog page to help you decide.

Let us guide you! Book a counseling session today and start your life-changing education in the happiest country in the world. We also offer online Finnish language courses, which is undoubtedly an advantage while you study and live in the country.


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