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Study in Finland vs. Sweden: Facts you must know before enrolling in a university!

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If you are choosing to study in Finland vs. Sweden and trying to decide which is the best, you are in luck because we all have the answers!

Finland and Sweden are certainly good choices in providing quality life and education but do not settle for good, pick the best!

Today, let us present the perks of choosing to study in Finland vs. Sweden. We will also show you updated statistics and facts highlighting each country’s strengths and weaknesses.

Literacy rate in Finland vs. Sweden

When picking the best place to study in Finland vs. Sweden, the first thing to consider is the people you will interact with daily.

Though both are known to have literate citizens, Finland specifically ranks higher. Finnish people certainly are the most literate in the world.  It means you can surely expect meaningful conversations that can deepen your global perspective. 

Below are other benefits of high literacy in a country:

– It generally enhances overall health as locals follow specific instructions like restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

– Certainly aids in building skills, lifelong lessons, and adaptability to our ever-changing world.

– Improves the economy, and citizens also have options for better jobs.

– Encourages gender equality. According to a recent report, a country’s GDP specifically grows by an average of 3% for every 10% increase in the number of women in higher education.

– Supports peace and democracy because they can vote for the best leaders for the welfare of their country.

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study in Finland vs. Sweden
Aside from your tuition fee, always consider the cost of living!

Cost of living in Finland vs. Sweden

Another important factor when deciding to study in Finland vs. Sweden is the cost of living. If you are on a budget, affordability is the way to go.

Aside from the tuition fee, here are the essential expenses when you study in Finland vs. Sweden courtesy of MyLifeElsewhere (in US Dollars). 

Local Cheese$3.76$4.47
Apples 1 kg$2.35$2.63
Bananas 1 kg$1.78$2.18
Oranges 1kg$2.24$2.43
Monthly public transit pass$57.04$74.27
Taxi (8km)$19.62$20.72
Internet connection$22.59$30.32
1-bedroom apartment in the downtown area$707.92$749.67
1-bedroom apartment outside the city$577.34$602.16
Various expenses in Finland vs. Sweden
Make sure you have access to healthy meals during your study abroad!

Food choices in Finland vs. Sweden

Nourishment is vital while studying. It aids in sustaining your physical and mental wellness to perform at peak.

Additionally, if you have preferences in your meals, specifically pick a country with a wide variety of choices. When you study in Finland vs. Sweden, you are certainly guaranteed to enjoy hearty meals, but which stands out?

Finland surely offers the most natural and healthiest food in the world. Its arctic terrains provide exceptional conditions for producing crops and livestock. 

Furthermore, the country specifically focuses on accountability, food hygiene, and traceability. Meat production is also top-notch, as the nation doesn’t administer antibiotics to enhance the animal’s growth.

Finland is highly respected for its natural products, which is why food and drinks from the country are exported worldwide. Aside from neighboring European countries, Japan, China, and South Korea specifically enjoy the nation’s local produce.

Overall safety

Your overall safety when you study in Finland vs. Sweden is an essential factor to consider. Keep in mind that you are new in a foreign land with possibly no relatives or friends.

Finland and Sweden are generally safe countries, but Finland ranks higher on the global list. Traffic and property violations are common offenses in the country but incidents gradually decreased in 2021. 

study in Finland vs. Sweden
Enjoy new and memorable experiences while studying abroad!

Recreational activities

Student-life balance is specifically essential to keep you productive. Luckily, you are guaranteed a pleasant balance when you study in Finland vs. Sweden.

Sweden generally encourages a studying-life balance by exploring life and focusing on an individual’s interests aside from academics. A typical weekly study generally is about 40 hours.

Studying in Finland is certainly the same, but it offers more. Learners have access to exciting destinations during school breaks, such as:

– The Helsinki metropolitan area

– Suomenlinna Fortress

– Kauppatori (Market Square) and Esplanadi

– Rovaniemi and the Artic

– Helsinki’s design district

– Aland Archipelago

– The enchanting town of Turku

– The picturesque village of Porvoo

– Lake Savonlinna and Saima

– Lemmonjoki National Park

There are undoubtedly more stimulating areas in Finland where you can have a good time! The country also has fun and memorable festivities where you can surely bond with the locals and other global students.

Quality of Education in Finland vs. Sweden

Finland and Sweden offer quality education, but the Finnish education system specifically stands out in many ways.

– Finland is always at the top of the best education system in the world.

– There is no standardized testing system in the country. Learners are generally evaluated using a technique formulated by highly-qualified instructors.

– Only master’s degree holders in the country can specifically apply as teachers at learning institutions.

– Offer the best alternatives to the usual degrees in universities, vocational schools, or training facilities.

– International students are generally given the scope and time to establish the ideal foundation at their speed.

– It specifically concentrates on building cooperation instead of competition through collaboration and teamwork.

Additionally, Finland has over 500 English-taught undergraduate and graduate programs. It surely attracts over 20,000 international students to Finnish universities. Non-EU/EEA students can apply for scholarships.

Permanent resident application after you study in Finland vs. Sweden

Finland and Sweden are equally attractive nations to settle in after studying. In Sweden, student permits are temporary and will not lead to permanent residency.

On the other hand, the updated law for international students certainly allows global learners in Finland to apply for permanent residency easily. It means the time you spend in the country on a student visa surely counts toward the four-year requirement!

To learn more, read our student visa to permanent resident guide.

Above all, choose happiness! Choose Finland!

In a nutshell

Never rely on photos in choosing where to study in Finland vs. Sweden. Base your choice specifically on facts and updated information. You may also read our Student Stories featuring inspiring experiences of international learners from all over the world.

Book a counseling session now, and let us assist your dream of studying in the happiest country in the world! To jumpstart your goal, learn the Finnish language online! We certainly offer fun and interactive classes to master this exciting dialect.

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