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Where to Study Abroad? Consider Finland

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What comes to mind when you think about studying abroad? Getting your dream education, making new friends, and creating experiences that will last a lifetime. You will get this and more if you choose Finland as your study destination.

Helsinki cathedral

Finland is often known for its beautiful nature, saunas, and white-bearded gift-giver, Santa Clause. Even though all of these are very much a part of Finnish culture, Finland has so much more to offer. Did you know that according to Finland is one of the most freest, safest and most stable countries in the world. What other incredible things does Finland have to offer, especially for a student?

finland: pros

1. World class education

When discussing Finland as a study destination, we must bring up its world-class education system. Education in Finland is based on equality, personalized learning, and quality teaching. It also answers future needs, the third best in the world! In addition, even though Finnish education focuses on quality, it is also affordable. Also, many universities offer foreign students scholarships to help them fund their studies. This is because education should belong to everyone.

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Study in Finland, equality for all!

Studying at home

The journey towards getting our dream education can sometimes feel like an overbearing task. Applying through Edunation you can get familiarized with the Finnish education system and get a chance to study abroad affordably. The process is quick and easy because we want to give you the best experience possible. Edunation guides you through the application process, helps you choose the right university that suits your future goals and gives you support during your studies.

2. incredible experiences

As mentioned before, Finland is a land of beautiful nature. There are lakes, forests, and the cleanest air. You can roam in the nature freely and collect how ever many berries and mushrooms as you want because of the everyman’s right. Finland has also 40 national parks all around the country that you can visit.

Kayaking in the nature of Finland

Besides wandering in the beautiful nature, you can participate in many different activities. Student life is very important in Finland. All University students have their own student overalls that are called opiskelijahaalarit. The colors of the suits can inform about the students’ study program or university. These overalls became popular in the 1970’s and are used in many student events. Student events are a big part of student life. You get to know people around Finland and even around the world. These events and other student activities can bring you life-long friends.

3. High standards of living

Finland has been ranked as the 3rd best country in quality of life. This is because Finland meets peoples’ basic needs on wellbeing but also considers personal freedoms as a must. Finland also ranks above average in health status, personal security, jobs and earnings and work-life balance.

Finnish sauna

Finnish people appreciate a good work-life balance. You can study and work part-time up to 25 hours a week, but don’t forget to relax, take a step back and enjoy the Finnish lifestyle as well. Finnish people love to relax by going to the sauna, connecting with nature, and spending time with friends and family.

4. Job opportunities

Finland has an innovative work field with a growing start up field. It has also been ranked as one of the leading countries in ICT (Information Technology) and game development. There are also currently 1127 English speaking jobs in Finland so there are many opportunities for international students.

People working together

As mentioned previously, students can work part-time while studying. The most you can work is 25 hours a week, so that you also have time for studies. During the summer there is no limit for working. Students are usually paid 9-13 euros per hour depending on the work field. You can find part-time work for example from the service industry or cleaning. It is the easiest to apply online through the government job search portal TE service or through multiple private job seeking pages like Barona, Adecco, Indeed and LinkedIn.

5. Create a future after studies

While choosing your study destination, you will automatically think about the future and life after studies. Time and time again, Finland has been named as the safest country in the world. It is also one of the best places to be a mother or a child. This can be seen in many things. Firstly, the Finnish social security, Kela, gives out maternity boxes to expecting mothers as a sign of support.

Family time at the beach

These elements enable a safe, comfortable, and, most importantly, happy life. After all, Finland has been the happiest country for years. And it’s no surprise!

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