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Study in Helsinki: How to Study and Live in this Premier City this 2024!

Are you planning to study in Helsinki? We can help!

Finland’s capital is an attractive place for international students. It offers an ideal setting where you can equally enjoy a modern, dynamic environment and world-class education.

Today, get to know Helsinki through some outstanding facts. We also included the region’s best universities. Moreover, you will learn the most accessible and affordable way to study in Helsinki!

Best reasons to study in Helsinki

If you plan to study in Helsinki, below are some highlights:

Expect truly world-class education with many programs to choose from

For so many years, until today, the Finnish Education System has been hailed as one of the best. The country has the best teachers and professors, all with impressive academic backgrounds and master’s degrees. 

Furthermore, distinct characteristics of the country’s academic system include individual learning assistance, collaboration between school authorities and organizations, readily available learning materials in local libraries, and more.

Prepare to be amazed by traditional to trendy architecture!

Walking around Helsinki is surely a delightful visual experience as beautiful architecture mixes classic and contemporary styles effortlessly. Some notable structures include the National Library of Finland, Finnish National Theater, Johannes Church, Helsinki Central Railway Station, and Senate Square.

Explore stunning parks and gardens within the city

You will undoubtedly enjoy nature when you study in Helsinki, as there are many parks and recreational areas to explore. Esplanade Park, Sibelius Park, Kaivopuisto, Helsinki City Winter Garden, Annala Garden, and Kaisaniemi Garden are some of the best. They generally offer relaxing walks and safe spaces to recharge and unwind after a challenging exam.

Reliable and world-class transportation for all!

The city offers an outstanding public transportation system. Buses and trains are always reliable, making your study in Helsinki specifically productive. Furthermore, riding a bike is also a good option if you study in Helsinki, as the country has many lanes and bike-sharing programs.

Enjoy Various festivities for a unique and memorable immersion

Enjoy many festivals when you study in Helsinki! From cultural presentations to huge parties, you can expect a year filled with social activities in the country.

Some noteworthy extravaganzas include:

World Village Festival – enjoy a trade fair and free cultural celebration with different yearly themes.

Helsinki Cup – participate in one of Europe’s grandest football tournaments.

U Nation – a highly anticipated music event by Live Nation promoting unity, diversity, inclusion, and environmental sustainability.

Flow Festival – a thrilling event where you can enjoy art and music.

There are more reasons to study in Finland, generally in Helsinki. Let us further fuel your interest by presenting the respected learning institutions in the country.

Study in Helsinki – the best Universities and vocational Program Provider for international students

After introducing the country through compelling reasons, let us present the top universities and a vocational program provider where you can grow personally and professionally.

1. Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Metropolia is one of the premier Applied Science Universities in the country, famous for successfully integrating experiments and fields of studies to build new and excellent results.

Moreover, an international student who wants to focus on technology and study in Helsinki must choose Metropolia as it offers the latest innovations.

2. Hanken School of Economics 

Hanken is a respected learning institution in the country, bearing three impressive accreditations: EQUIS from the European Union, AMBA based in the United Kingdom, and AACSB from the United States of America.

Furthermore, those who will study in Helsinki, particularly at Hanken, will increase their global perspective on social responsibility and sustainable development, which are the university’s core values.

3. Arcada University of Applied Sciences

If you plan to study in Helsinki under a multi-professional learning institution, Arcada is for you. It accepts local and global learners and offers a range of educational programs from Business to Healthcare.

Furthermore, Arcada offers a modern campus and utilizes 40 languages. Aside from providing the highest quality of education, Arcada also concentrates on its graduates’ employability.

4. Helsinki Business College

Those wanting a shorter but highly efficient degree must enroll at Helsinki Business College, a premier forerunner specializing in vocational education. It has an outstanding reputation for producing qualified graduates ready to contribute significantly to their chosen industry.

Moreover, your marketing, sales, customer service, and entrepreneurship qualifications will dramatically increase after you study in Helsinki, specifically at HBC.

How to study in Helsinki for international students

Pathway to Finland effectively assists international students in gaining admission to undergraduate studies in Helsinki and other parts of Finland.  The classes in the programs consist of valuable lessons that help you reach the required skill level for university admission to study in Helsinki.

 Apply now to ace your application to your dream Finnish university!

Study in Helsinki: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the admission requirements to study in Helsinki?

The general requirements to study in Helsinki are:

  • Your transcript of records
  • Proof of English proficiency
  • A clear copy of your passport ID page
  • A copy of the final or official higher secondary school certificate or vocation qualification
  • Completion of the Pathway to Finland Program

To learn more about the admission requirements and other helpful information, click HERE.  

How much is the cost of living in Helsinki?

The average monthly living cost in Finland generally ranges from 600 EUR to 900 EUR. To know the exact amount of various daily and monthly expenses in the country, click HERE

Can I apply for permanent residency after I study in Helsinki?

The new law for international students specifically helps with the application for permanent residency in the country.

Also, the time spent under a Residence Permit Visa is credited towards the four-year requirement to apply as a permanent resident.

Click HERE to learn more about First Residence Permit Visa and Permanent Residence Permit.

Summing it up

Your decision to study in Helsinki will be one of the best. Firstly, it introduces you to an innovative and progressive environment where equality reigns supreme. Next, expect major upgrades as you will experience the best education the country is known for.

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