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Study in Lappeenranta: Exceptional Studies, Stunning Surroundings!

Study in Lappeenranta, one of Finland’s most picturesque and favorite tourist destinations!

Aside from being an in-demand vacation spot due to its strategic location near the banks of Lake Saimaa, many are enrolling to study in Lappeenranta, Finland’s dynamic, global, and green city. 

If you plan to study in Lappeenranta, continue reading to learn the benefits of enrolling in the region. We will also introduce two of the best colleges in the country, plus the most affordable and accessible way to study in Lappeenranta! 

study in Lappeenranta

Top reasons to study in Lappeenranta 

Established in 1649, international learners planning to study in Lappeenranta will genuinely enjoy the privileges below:   

Live in a dynamic and historic city 

Choosing to study in Lappeenranta will introduce a distinct environment with a rich historical background in the area’s architecture. Expect to be amazed by fortress walls, cultural buildings, museums, Finland’s oldest Orthodox church, etc., kept as a reminder of the area’s captivating past. 

Affordable cost of living 

Expect budget-friendly expenses when you study in Lappeenranta. The average monthly cost of living ranges from 600 to 900 EUR, generally more affordable than living in Australia, Canada, or other European cities like Sweden and Germany. To learn more about the living expenses in Finland, click HERE.  

An exciting and memorable student life 

You are guaranteed a life-changing experience upon enrolling to study in Lappeenranta. It has an inclusive and welcoming environment that local and international students will genuinely appreciate.  

Additionally, the English language is widely used in the region, enabling you to establish connections with anyone efficiently.  

Expect academic excellence

You are guaranteed to receive the best education when you study in Lappeenranta. The Finnish education system outshines others globally, offering highly educated and passionate teachers, beneficial collaborations to enhance learning, individual support to understand a student’s needs, and more! 

With the mentioned highlights, choosing to study in Lappeenranta secures your future for a prosperous life. 

School-life balance

You will have a great time in Lappeenranta during school breaks, as it offers everything! You can explore historical sites, visit art galleries, and try local restaurant specialties for complete and valuable immersion.  

On the other hand, outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the grand lake and well-kept forests where they can hike, kayak, bike, and ski during winter. Additionally, you can always do leisure walks to unwind at the scenic shoreline of the area.  

Study in Lappeenranta at one of the best learning institutions in the country

LAB University of Applied Sciences is the country’s sixth-largest University of Applied Sciences, concentrating on sustainability, the commercialization of innovations, the circular economy, and other valuable specializations that generally benefit its students. 

Choosing to study in Lappeenranta, specifically at LAB University of Applied Sciences, ensures learners reach their full academic potential by incorporating a learning and working approach.  To start your application, click HERE.

Study in Lappeenranta at the best vocational college for international students

Vocational colleges in Finland are well-respected and highly demanded as they have individualized instructions based on developed planning, may offer immediate employment upon finishing a program, offer learners the opportunity for paid apprenticeships, and more! 

Lappeenranta is home to some of the country’s best vocational learning institutions, such as Edusampo. It offers vocational-level studies to international students and provides programs in business management, catering, workplace safety, forestry, and processing. To apply, click HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions 

To better familiarize yourself with how to study in Lappeenranta, we answered the top queries of international students: 

Is it safe to study in Lappeenranta for international students? 

Yes! It is safe to study in Lappeenranta. Finland is consistently one of the safest countries in the world. It has low crime levels and practices social equality, enabling a pleasant and secure learning atmosphere.   

What is the easiest way to get accepted into universities in Lappeenranta?

Aside from offering the most affordable and seamless way to study in Lappeenranta, Edunation has guaranteed admission to enroll in this enchanting city through Pathway to Finland! – a specialized and in-demand program designed to upgrade the skills and knowledge required for higher education admission in Lappeenranta.  

To start your exciting educational journey in the happiest country in the world, apply now! 

Can I bring family members when I study in Lappeenranta?

You can bring family members to the country while upgrading your education through Arrival Finland Packages – a unique supplementary service package covering resident permit applications for you and your family, arrival guidance, basic orientation, accommodation pick-up upon arrival to Finland, and more! To learn about our in-demand packages, click HERE.  

Do I need to polish my English to study effectively in Lappeenranta? 

As you will be communicating with other nationalities, it is crucial to have excellent mastery of the universal language. English Express can help! We offer online flexibility, proven advanced teaching methods, highly qualified teachers, and customized lessons for all your needs! Enroll now to have a productive student life in the country! 

Is it required to learn the Finnish language to study in Lappeenranta? 

Ideally, being familiar with the Finnish language is essential for complete immersion. That is why we created EN Finnish– the best Finnish language course for working and studying in Finland!  

What are the in-demand jobs in Lappeenranta?

Healthcare, electronics, cybersecurity, construction, manufacturing, and more need qualified global workers. To view the list of the in-demand jobs in the country, click HERE

To sum it up

Anticipate a life-changing experience when you study in Lappeenranta, one of Finland’s most attractive regions. Aside from learning from top educational institutions in Finland, you will experience a high quality of living, a clean environment, an innovative city, and more!  

To learn more about Finland, visit our Blog Section for exciting and informative content. You may also go to our Student Stories to read inspiring tales of our global learners enjoying life in the happiest country in the world! 

Schedule a free counseling today for questions on how to study in Lappeenranta. Our professional and passionate team is ready to assist with any concerns.  

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