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Study in Turku: Introducing Finland’s Premier Destination To Achieve World-Class Education

Study in Turku – one of the best cities in Finland for international students!

Located on Finland’s southwestern coast, Turku is Finland’s student city, applauded for gracefully mixing an old-world appeal with an innovative metropolis. As the oldest region in Finland, you can expect a lot of culture and history, making your study in Turku a life-changing experience!

Today, let us present the best reasons to study in Turku. We will also introduce one of the top universities in the city, plus answers to frequently asked questions.

Finally, we will teach you the fastest and easiest way to study in Turku and other valuable services for a memorable arrival in the country!

Top reasons to study in Turku

From an enriching culture to the cost of living, below are the exciting benefits to enjoy when you study in Turku!

The best education in the world

Finland’s education system is globally applauded as it is highly efficient, carefully planned, and produces excellent professionals ready to contribute significantly to their chosen industry.

Reasonably priced living expenses

One of the best advantages to enjoy when you study in Turku and other parts of Finland is the affordable cost of living. Compared to other popular countries like Canada, choosing to study in Turku and other areas in Finland is more budget-friendly. 

– Eat healthy food

You will undoubtedly enjoy nutritious meals when you study in Turku. The country is known for advancements, particularly in produce, to ensure its people eat healthily.

Reliable public transportation

Turku and the whole of Finland have an outstanding public transportation system. You are guaranteed to be on time, whether attending your classes or working part-time. 

Enjoy the privileges of a Finnish student card

Another way to lessen the cost of living is through a Finnish student card. It is given to second-degree, university, and university of applied sciences students and provides valuable discounts on cafeteria meals, public transportation, and more when you study in Turku. 

A safe and secure nation for international students

Finland is among the safest countries worldwide. With this, expect a peaceful and productive stay while upgrading your education and enjoying Turku’s rich, fascinating culture and lifestyle.

Enrolling in a university in Finland, specifically in Turku, will be your best decision as you will enjoy other remarkable benefits for global learners!

Study in Turku at one of the best universities for international students!

Among the best learning institutions in the country is Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS), respected worldwide for its innovative and refreshing teaching methods. International learners who enroll to study in Turku, specifically at TUAS, will appreciate the integration of theoretical studies with professional practices and skills. 

Additionally, Innovation Pedagogy, TUAS’ developed strategy, concentrates on research, development, and innovation (RDI) to satisfy the needs of various industries and employers. It produces globally in-demand graduates, highly valued for their impressive adaptability, resilience, and other exceptional professional traits.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the admission requirements to study in Turku?

The required documents to study in Turku are your transcript of records, proof of English proficiency, a clear copy of your passport ID page, and a copy of your official higher secondary school or vocation qualification certificate.

What are the available programs to study in Turku for international students?

TUAS has many educational courses for international students. You may choose from Bachelor’s degree programs in Business Administration, Social Services, and Engineering.

You may also study in Turku and enroll in a Double Degree program in Information and Communications technology at TUAS. 

To learn more about the mentioned programs, click HERE

How much is the tuition fee to study in Turku for international students?

TUAS offers one of the most reasonably priced tuition fees in Finland. You can study in Turku and achieve the best education for only 11,500 EUR per academic year. 

Do I need to learn the Finnish language to study in Finland effectively? 

We recommend learning the country’s language for complete immersion. Our Finnish language online course can help you effectively study in Turku, build significant connections with the locals, be more employable after graduation, etc. To enroll in our in-demand Finnish language online courses, click HERE

Can I apply for permanent residency after I study in Turku?

Yes! The updated law for international students makes applying for permanent residency in Finland easy. To know more about Permanent Residence Permit, click HERE. 

How to study in Turku for international students?

Edunation can professionally assist your plan to study in Turku. Apply now and experience a smooth, easy, and reasonably priced process. Moreover, visit our Student Stories and read inspiring tales of our past and current enrollees from all over the world! 

Summing it up

Education is an investment, so choose wisely to get the best results. Pick a location where you can equally grow as an individual and establish a solid academic background that can bulletproof your future. 

Like any location in Finland, your plan to study in Turku will ultimately be fulfilling, exciting, and rewarding! For further queries and clarifications, schedule a free counseling session today. Our dedicated team will be happy to assist you! 

In addition, Edunation’s Pathway to Finland is an essential initial program specifically made for quick, easy, and guaranteed admission to undergraduate studies in the country. Enroll now to jumpstart your plan to study in Turku and other parts of Finland! 

Moreover, for a smooth and easy entry into the country, we offer the Arrival Finland Package for international students. We offer many bundles, ranging from resident permit applications to professional arrival guidance in the country. 

In addition, we can also assist your family if you plan to bring them to the happiest country in the world! Have a worry-free entry and settle comfortably with our exclusive packages. 

Aside from our Finnish language classes, we also have the best online English language courses to sharpen your communication skills! Enroll with your family and friends and notice exceptional results on how you use the universal language in just a few weeks.  

Finally, regularly visit our Blog Section to learn the freshest updates, from enrolling to study in Turku to other exciting study abroad destinations in Finland!

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