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Studying in the Study Hub is more than learning on campus! 

The Study Hub offers students diverse learning experiences in and outside the classroom. Learning about Finnish culture and language on campus is important to fit in, but the things you do outside of class will help you understand Finland even more.

This spring, we learned about Finnish traditions, culture, and food while exploring Helsinki and the surrounding areas. Is there a better way to appreciate a different culture than to have fun while trying new things?

The Study Hub is located in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. The city offers a wide range of things to do and places to see in all four seasons. Let’s talk more about what we did with the Study Hub students this spring!

Study Hub: Practice skating and riding napakelkka
(Left) Ice skating practice!
(Right) Enjoying the ride of ‘napakelkka’, ice sleigh built on top of the icy Baltic Sea

Winter Adventures in Helsinki: Discovering ‘Napakelkka’

The cold weather allows us to enjoy nature in different ways. Ice skating is something you can do on top of the Baltic Sea if the weather is right to blow off the extra snow. 

As Finland is well known for its winter sports, those might not come as a surprise, but ‘napakelkka’ should be on your activity list. As you can see, we enjoyed the ‘napakelkka’ on a sunny day, even without jackets!  

At an outdoor café, we were drinking hot drinks after riding the ‘napakelkka’ so often that we felt dizzy when a woman came up and pulled me out of the sleeve. 

She said she had to go and see what was happening as she heard so much laughter. It is not typical for Finnish people to practice some small talk and talk to strangers, but the joy of the students was definitely contagious! 

Nuuksio Park Trip!

Nuuksio National Park and Sauna on a winter

Finland has amazing nature, and of course, with the Study Hub, we spent a day admiring it in Nuuksio National Park. During our day trip, we explored the park’s winter beauty and enjoyed some toasted marshmallows over the campfire.

What else does the winter have to offer? Of course, sauna alongside ice swimming. Finnish sauna culture is famous worldwide and is a significant part of Finn’s everyday life. So to get a taste of ‘löyly,’ we spent an afternoon in a sauna and pool, where the brave students even dipped in ice without hesitation.

Here’s a glimpse of how we spent the Sauna day with the students:

Finnish Culture

To get a taste of Finnish culture through art, we spent the Day of Finnish Culture in the art museum and pondered what surprised the Finnish culture students and how they felt about their encounters with Finns.

Many of the students expressed their appreciation for the peaceful atmosphere and described Finnish people as friendly and helpful, even strangers!

“Finnish people are generally quiet. Most of them are introverts and its actually one of the reasons why I wanted to be here, because people really mind their own business, and you don’t even have to feel uncomfortable to do things alone.”

Study Hub Student
Right: Visit the Fazer experience to learn more about the famous Finnish chocolate brand that produces way more than just the best chocolate!
Left: At the art museum learning about stories of the Kalevala, Finnish National Epic, through the paintings

Fulfill Your Dreams of studying in finland

During the spring, we did so many other things as well, of course, covered the significant sights in Helsinki, visited museums, tasted the traditional Finnish food, ate so much chocolate in Fazer we could explode, enjoyed the Finnish coffee culture by multiple ‘päiväkahvit’ and most importantly, had fun while getting to know Finland!

Do you wish to immerse yourself in Finnish culture while preparing to study in Finland? The application period for the Study Hub Fall 2024 is currently open. Book a free counseling session online, and let us help you fulfill your dream of studying in Finland!

About the Writer:

Roosa is a master’s student in Educational Scieculnces and recently joined the Edunation team to guide and support the Study Hub students as their Tutor. She has experience in intercultural environments as a student and as an enthusiastic traveler herself. Her interests are focused on intercultural communication and educational development.

Table of Contents