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Job-sites and Season Work: Opportunities for Students Abroad

Looking for a part-time job? Giving the current global situation, it gets tougher to get that job but the remarkable gift of the internet helps us and gave as new era of opportunities, even though students will be on hybrid learning, temporarily studying online, you can still find work even at the comfort of your home. This is the remarkable benefits of technology these days. Another good news is the season work opportunities. Don’t fret, brush up now your CV.

Here are some job-sites you can explore this 2020.

Monster Finland – You can find vacancies by area, specialization and locations. You can also download your resume and get updated career advice. Remote Co– Offers virtual assistance jobs and helpful blogs that can come handy while you search jobs while studying.

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The Muse– The Muse offers career advising and career coaching, muse book and podcast on professional advancements and skills building.

CloudPeeps– if you would like to venture on freelancing gigs, you might check this one. If you are planning to build a small business online or dreaming of being an entrepreneur, it’s a member driven community and all-in-one freelance business management system portal.

Virtual Vocations– This job site caters to a lot of industries. Telecommuting companies and digital nomads had jobs from this site, as it lend virtual jobs to people who are keen in writing or editing. A family owned company that helps people work wherever they are.

Farming: Are you interested in season-work on the Finnish countryside?

Farms around Finland are struggling to get enough workforce in these difficult times due to the pandemic. Crucial workforce from abroad cannot offer their helping hands due to the coronavirus and this means the countryside is in desperate need of spring and summer season workers. Every available pair of hands is needed in order to secure domestic food on Finnish dinner tables, and this is where you can step in and help! Become a fellow worker for a farmer campaign aims to help these Finnish farmers to find workforce in students, unemployed or laid-off workers. If, for example, your summer job plans have been cancelled due to the pandemic, this is the perfect opportunity for you!

Read more about the campaign and find further information at

Handful of berries in Finnish forest

Help the Finnish farmers during these critical times and enjoy a different work environment.

Some tips: Video resumes are amazingly helpful these days. Be ready to share some of your previous works/portfolios. Also, network on LinkedIn and reach out to your previous internship companies. This will help you refine your skills while waiting for the next opportunity.

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Table of Contents