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Taiwanese Student in Finland: I Love to Spend More Time Outdoors, in Nature

Meet Yu-Hsuan Chen from Taiwan, International Business student at Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

I love Finnish nature! I also noticed that Finns, everyone here is willing to help you anytime. They’re kind. Finnish winter too is phenomenal.

Typical day at a Finnish university

I’m now on my 2nd year of studies. Nowadays, have 1 or 2 lectures / day. If I have more than 1 hour break time, I would go to a library or self-study. I love writing essays, reports, or occasionally write some case studies for my team. Personally, I prefer my 2nd year compared to my 1st year. First year was a mess. I guess that was the year I try to navigate and learn things here in Finland, I guess I’m more traditionalist. It was challenging, the exams and the scheduling, I guess it was a period of adjustment. The way of exam should be changed as well. It was physically and mentally challenging.

Campus life

I had good teammates. So far all of the tasks were always accomplished on time, still, I noticed that some people are more lax, though not everyone is like that. This happens case by case. I guess, life here is more relaxed and people are more flexible. As for my experience with academics and my teachers, they have ways of unique teaching styles and personalities, it varies and their approach to students. But It was quite good and innovative.

University students in overalls having fun

How studying in Finland changed your habits and enhance your skills?

I think here in Finland, I learn more about how to collaborate, to practice teamwork and develop my critical thinking skills. Some people are born extroverts some are introverts. It varies, some are shy but talented which they do not have a problem with critical thinking, creativity. Some are truly vocal and can present themselves in front of the stage. It was a great experience to see different personalities and nationalities here in Finland. I think my skills have slightly improved here too, as I am more an outdoor person now and not too shy compared when I was still in Taiwan.

Hobbies and after school activities

During my first year of studies, even campus life was challenging. I went to parties a lot and had a good time to de-stress. Meeting new friends and nice conversations with fellow students gave me time to relax. But in my second year, people don’t go to parties a lot. Since parties were seldom, I focused my time on learning new skills and went to the language training center and made an effort to study the Finnish language. It paved more time to immerse myself in Finnish culture and enhanced my resume as well.

What are your career plans and are you planning to stay in Finland after you graduate?

I’m planning to work next summer, I have to prepare for internship and practical training and I’m planning to stay in Finland after that.

I am planning also to get citizenship and passport, Hopefully. Yes, my plan is to stay in Finland long term, adapt to society faster, need to immerse fully on the local language and cultures. Finland, indeed offers the best education in the world!

tampereella area in Tampere, Finland

Do you find it difficult to communicate with people in Finland?

No, I think it is so easy to communicate because the average Finnish speaks good English. I’m planning to learn the local language slowly but surely. Finnish language is not that difficult as I encounter it daily. The language itself is interesting because the system is different from English and my mother tongue.

What are your favorite places to go to in Finland?

I love exploring the cities here in Finland! I have not been to so many places yet but I would love and planning to visit Rovaniemi, Lapland, especially the Santa Claus Village because the scenery there is amazing.

How do you like your life here in Tampere so far?

I like Tampere, except for the construction. Everyone is willing to help you anytime. A lot of forests, nature scenery is amazing and which is different from my hometown. I am kinda like a winter person. I like snow, winter season but the lack of sunlight is quite a problem because Finland is less populated. It is quiet here and more peaceful compared to my home town. It’s nicer here in Finland and I am tired of big cities. The transportation is quite convenient in its way, reliable and rarely late, except winter.

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