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The Importance of Networks and How Pathway Studies Help You to Build Them

Everybody knows that Nokia comes from Finland, right? It seems to me that everybody has owned at least one Nokia mobile phone not only in Finland but also globally. However, do you remember what Nokia’s old slogan was? Let me remind you, it used to be connecting people

Another great thing that Finland is known for is its world-class education system. In my opinion, it’d be a real shame if Finland were to hoard its expertise in education only to itself. Due to an aging population and low birth rates, Finland is also in dire need of international professionals. Our Pathway Program reacts to both of these concerns. 

But what benefits do pathway studies offer for the pathway students themselves? Well, let’s find out!

What Are Pathway Studies? 

In case you’ve never heard this term before, let me briefly explain what pathway studies are. In short, they can be described as preparatory programs that allow successful students to progress into a pre-selected university of their choosing. 

Pathway studies are very popular for international students who want to get into a university abroad. They usually offer a smooth transition from one’s home country to the destination country abroad, aiding students in their international journey. 

A Smoother Journey 

There are arguably many benefits to participating in pathway studies. Instead of stressing over an entrance exam, the student’s workload is spread across a semester’s worth of studies. Studying not only substitutes the entrance exam to the university, but the student can also receive proper guidance in their studies. Instead of learning everything by yourself, one can benefit from being taught about the corresponding subjects by our company’s professional teachers. 

The courses we teach can be categorized into three categories. Firstly, there are courses related to the field of the student’s track based on their pre-selected university program, respectively. There are three tracks: Business, Engineering & Technology, and Nursing & Social Services. 

Secondly, there are language courses where students can learn English, preparing them for international studies in Finland. In addition, the Nursing & Social Services track and the Study Hub program, where students can learn Finnish which tremendously help them with their integration.

Thirdly, there’s the Orientation to Academic Studies course. This course is essential for many, as the students understand what to expect from their studies in a Finnish university. After all, the modes of studying and examination differ drastically from those of the student’s home countries.

All in all, our Pathway Program offers an academically smoother journey to begin one’s university studies abroad. Students also get a clearer picture of what to expect from Finland as a destination specifically. But there are other benefits, too! 

Connecting People 

The reason why I brought up the old slogan of Nokia in the introduction of this text is that pathway studies, too, connect people. I’ve witnessed firsthand how the students form groups, establish friendships, and build networks. In a global world, this can offer extraordinary benefits. Connections help us develop our careers and allow us to learn more about ourselves and the world. 

Although your technical skills and abilities are consequential in getting a job, you often got a job because you knew somebody (and perhaps they knew somebody). It is essential to realize that your network is an integral part of your career, as is your CV. 

Connecting with people is not only a strategic advantage that may be crucial for one’s career development, but–perhaps even more importantly–these connections can also form long-lasting friendships. And those friendships are not concerned about the age or nationality of the other. I like the idea of specific barriers being broken when these things happen. 

In a world divided by walls, it’d be great if we could make the effort to build bridges! 

It makes me extremely happy to see our students form friendships with one another. For example, I’ve witnessed a situation where two people were practically neighbors in their home country only to find themselves becoming friends on the other side of the planet. I’ve also seen people originating from countries 13 time zones apart from each other becoming friends here in the “middle,” Finland. Now, isn’t that something? 

I’ve already written another post about soft skills, but in short, the pathway studies help students develop soft skills such as communication, collaboration, and time management. These skills are essential to succeed in studies and working life. The ability to communicate and collaborate is especially vital in connecting with people. 

Summing it up

In conclusion, I can say that students benefit from pathway studies in many ways. It offers a smooth transition to university studies abroad, preparing students for what will come. While it’s always good to be well-prepared, pathway studies also provide a unique possibility to establish valuable contacts and connections in advance. 

If you are interested in our programs, you can see our website for more information. You may also book a free counseling session with one of our professionals, who can help you decide which one of our programs would be most suitable for you. Whether you are interested in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, we have you covered, and there’s still time to join the next program starting in January. Hope to see you there! 

About the writer 

Jonne is an Education Specialist from Finland who sees the value of international cooperation and wishes the world to unite as one. 

Table of Contents