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The most popular student city in Finland: study in Tampere with Joalin Loukamaa

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Finland is known for its high-quality education and beautiful natural surroundings, making it a popular destination for students worldwide. However, with a range of cities to choose from, it can be tough to decide which is the most popular student city in Finland.

Join influencer Joalin Loukamaa in exploring Tampere, the most attractive student city in Finland, and getting to know the campus of Tampere University of Applied Sciences’ Business Administration program!

According to several national surveys, Tampere is the most popular city to live and study in Finland! There is a large international student community in Tampere, and student unions and organizations are really active in organizing events year-round. Tampere offers nice scenery between the two lakes surrounding it, and a great variety of free-time activities such as unique cafes, galleries, and festivals in its now-repurposed old red-tile industrial buildings. This is also the environment where you can find the Proakatemia campus of TAMK!

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Joalin will start her studies at Tampere University of Applied Sciences’ Proakatemia unit in 2022, but what is TAMK Proakatemia all about? Who better to explain it than TAMK’s own Proakatemia students and alumnae?

In the video, Joalin sits down and has a chat with some of our current students and alumnae in Proakatemia about what Proakatemia and TAMK have offered them and how they have benefited from the Entrepreneurship and Team Leadership Program.

“Can you tell me how the program benefited you after graduation?” Joalin polls the Proakatemia alumnae who have gone on to start their own businesses.

“In multiple ways.” We found each other, and now we work as colleagues and business partners. “We found our passion for the business, the network; you name it!” – Marianne Murto, Proakatemia alumni

“The skills that we learned in protokatemia are now the basis of our business.”

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Joalin Loukamaa with TAMK Proakatemia alumnae Marianne Purto and Mona Räsänen

“And why did you choose TAMK Proakatemia”

“I wanted to study Business and learn to run my own business, and I didn’t want to just read books, I wanted to do it in real life” – Axel Wiklund, Proakatemia Student

“I think Proakatemia is one of the best place to have work and passion in the same place. ” – Aleksi Kolunsarka, Proakatemia Student

Joalin Loukamaa interviews proakatemia student Aleksi Kolunsarka

Students in Proakatemia all agree that the program has given them important learning experiences and chances. They are grateful for the community of like-minded people the study program provides them with.

Watch the full video on our Youtube channel to find out more about Joalin’s future study program and what the city of Tampere has to offer! In Tampere, you can also hop on the tram or bus to explore some of the various nature and park areas around the two lakes surrounding the city, or you can follow Joalin’s example and visit one of the public saunas of Tampere, the sauna capital of Finland!

How to Apply to TAMK BBA

The Tampere University of Applied Sciences Business Administration program is open now, so don’t miss your chance to start your studies with Joalin in January 2022. Applications are open until October 31st!

See you in TAMK next year!

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