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Three Delicious and Healthy Ingredients from Finland’s Forests

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In Finland, you canfind so many delicious, edible foods in nature. We have listed three recipes with the ingredients from Finland’s forests for this summer.

There are wonderful berries and mushrooms which you can pick from the bushes. We have, in Finland, this thing called “every man’s rights”. This basically means that anyone could just visita forest or field andpick some berries or mushrooms.


My personal favorite is blueberries. Blueberries are sweet, but unlike candies, these berriesare also healthy for you. You can combine blueberries with so many different foods, e.g.,ice cream and pies. It is fairly easy; you don’t have to be a master chef in order to create this delicious blueberry pie. Here’s a recipe.

Berries and pie


Second favorite that most Finns pick up from the forest is chanterelle. Chanterelle is a mushroom, tasteful and maybe the most known one. There are somepreparations you have to do with the chanterelles before cooking it, butit is certainly worth it. Here’s a nice chanterelle risotto recipe for you to make your friends and family happy.

Closeup of Chanterelle risotto
Finnish chanterelle risotto


Thethird recipe is made from nettles. I know picking nettles could be painfulif you are not well covered when gathering them, but if you put proper clothes on and parboil them, you’ll be fine. Here’s one nice nettle soup recipe for you for the cold summer evenings.

Nettle green soup on white plate on white table
Nettle soup, a healthy Finnish meal

There are many benefits from eating these natural ingredients from Finland’s forests. For example, it has been studied that blueberries could preventcancer, they also increase your brain capacity and easy your metabolism system. Chanterelles also have its own benefits, e.g., full of vitamins and irons.

You can have a perfect three-course meal with these recipes listed above. Start with the soup, then have the chanterelle risotto, and finally the blueberry pie as dessert. Enjoy making this Scandinavian course meal and remember to eat well!

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Table of Contents